Chris Eubank Junior says 'nothing will save' Liam Williams despite 'awkward' scenario

Chris Eubank Jr's fight with Liam Williams is personal and with Adam Booth in the Welshman's camp things just got a whole lot spicier.

Chris Eubank Jr says "nothing is going to save him" as he gears up to stop Liam Williams in his own backyard on Saturday night.

The domestic middleweight clash will take place this weekend in Cardiff. It's a fight that has developed into a real grudge match after the pair's exchanges on social media continued face to face.

During Sky Sports' The Gloves Are Off programme the pair refused to shake hands with Williams branding Eubank Jr a "total clown".

There is no love lost between the pair and to add even more spice to the event, Eubank Jr's former trainer Adam Booth is now in the corner of the Welshman.

The 32-year-old Eubank Jr though is confident he can get the job done against 29-year-old Williams regardless of who is in his corner.

Eubank Jnr told Sky Sports: "He needs every angle that he can. He knows that he can't beat me. So he's gone to Booth, who has trained me before, and he's going for tips.

"How do I beat him? What does he do? What are his weaknesses?'

"Nothing is going to save him."

Booth and Williams team up

Booth was given eight weeks to fine tune Williams into a man who can end Eubank's surge to the top.

Eubank refuses to be phased, but he and Booth have history. Back in 2015 Booth and Eubank Jr paired up, with the former claiming Eubank Jr would be a world champion by 2016.

But their partnership lasted just six months. Booth refused to back Eubank Jr over a sparring session in Brighton with Bellator star Michael 'Venom' Page.

Eubank Jr's sparring sessions have always been three-minute rounds, 30 seconds' rest. Page's entourage though wanted 60 seconds rest in between rounds.

Eubank refused and showed Page the door and Booth went with them and never returned.

Now Eubank Jr (31-2, 23KOs) will come up against Booth once more. And to make matters worse the Brighton man's younger cousin, Harlem Eubank is trained by Booth.

Harlem Eubank

The fact that Booth has opted to jump into the corner of Williams has put Harlem in a difficult situation. The 27-year-old says the relationship is "awkward" but he has clearly pinned the Eubank colours to his mast.

"I don't feel any way about it. It doesn't affect me, I just told Harlem that it shows that Adam Booth doesn't care about you," Eubank Jnr told iFL TV. "If he did, then he would never even think about training somebody to fight his close cousin.

"The fact he is actually doing it shows his true colours. So I just told him, you've got to be wary about that moving forward with him.

"It was short, we were only together a few months, so you can't really base a training relationship off of that.

"It was so long ago, I am a completely different fighter now. If he (Williams) thinks hiring Adam Booth to help him beat me, is going to help effect the outcome of the fight, then he is sadly mistaken."

That is a fact that has been acknowledged by Booth, who concedes the Brit is now a completely different proposition.

"You should never go into a fight based around a man's weaknesses,' he told SecondsOut.

"All I have talked about, really, is what his [Eubank Jr's] strengths are, how to negate the strengths to take advantage of what you then want to do. But you have got to be careful because people change.

"Chris Jr is certainly a hell of a lot more seasoned and experienced fighter than when I worked with him. There has been a few years and a lot of big fights for him. So we can't be complacent about the fact that when I worked with him he was like this because he has obviously evolved as a fighter and a man as well."

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