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Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte ‘back on’ after contract U-turn as Eddie Hearn speaks out on saga

Anthony Joshua has agreed to remove a rematch clause for his fight against Dillian Whyte so the bout is ‘back on track’.

According to reports, talks for Anthony Joshua vs Dillian are 'back on' after a rematch clause was removed from the fight contract.

Joshua returned to the ring in April at the O2 Arena as he beat Jermaine Franklin via unanimous decision.

His team are in talks over a huge fight at the end of the year in Saudi Arabia against Deontay Wilder, but he is looking for a tune-up bout in the meantime.

Matchroom Boxing have understood to have already booked the O2 Arena for August 12 and it's been hoped that Joshua will face Whyte in an all-British rematch.

But talks have dragged on and it was feared that negotiations will completely break down after a one-sided rematch clause in Joshua's favour was included in the deal.
But Sky Sports reported on Thursday afternoon that the rematch is 'back on track' because 'Joshua has removed his request for the rematch clause'.

Matchroom supremo Eddie Hearn has since claimed that he requested the release clause.

"Firstly, a lot of people talk about rematch clauses, when there's such a huge A-Side in the fight, you have to do your job as a promoter," Hearn told Boxing Social.
"Every huge name that I've worked with in boxing has a rematch clause; secondly, it's me that requested that.

"Let me tell you the main reason why: Anthony Joshua is about to fight Deontay Wilder for, I don't know, $50-$60 million, he's choosing to take a dangerous fight a few months before where, if he loses, he's really quite out in the wilderness, and also loses the Wilder fight in December, so if we giving that opportunity to someone else then, of course, we are going to look for a rematch clause."

"Not against my will, but probably against my advice, Anthony Joshua came out last night and said, 'I don't give a f**k about the rematch clause, I'm gonna knock him out, so just tell him to sign the contract'.
"Dillian Whyte replied to say, 'I'm not gonna do any promotion around the event, I don't want a rematch clause', so we've just gone back now and given him a Dalton Smith style promotional requirements - no rematch clause, August 12, done."
But Hearn is fearful Whyte does not actually want the fight to go ahead.
"The worry I have is that I send that email and 10 minutes later Sky Sports News are running the story, and it's like 'do you want this fight, or is this some kind of other mission to land another fight?' I don't know," Hearn added.
"The great news now is that they have the contract, no rematch clause, August 12, absolutely nothing in the contract of any regard that's gonna cause anyone any problems… let's see."

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