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Expect the start of free agency to be 'crazy', says Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal

With the season now finished, we can look forward to a dramatic summer of trades and contract negotiations. Washington Wizard star Bradley Beal is anticipating it to be 'crazy'.

The NBA season wrapped up last week, with the Golden State Warriors claiming another championship after a 4-2 series win over the Boston Celtics.
The NBA Draft is now the next big event on the calendar, with the annual ceremony taking place on June 23.

Following that, teams will have a few months to prepare before doing it all again next season, with the opening fixtures taking place in October.

During that time, expect plenty of trades and free agent signings to take place, one of which will likely be Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal.

The Wizards guard stated earlier this season that he was leaning towards re-signing with the side for 2022/23, but when recently asked how he thinks free-agency will go for him, he replied "crazy, probably".
"My situation? Crazy probably. Like it always is," said Beal.
When asked how many teams had shown interest in him, he added "A lot. You know I can't give you names."
"When I first started playing, when I was you guys' size, this is where I started," he said. "We were outside playing from sunup to sundown.
"The city [Washington] has accepted me since a rookie, and here I am going into year 11, and it's the same love, if not more. I've always just tried to pay that back in one way or another."
Beal, who turns 29 later this month, has played his whole career with Washington, averaging at least 22 points per game in each of the past six seasons. That included a career-high average of 31.3 points in 2020-21.

However, while Beal has become Wizards' main star since the Russell Westbrook trade last season, an injury to his wrist left him unavailable for much of the season.

It's hardly stopped him from attracting plenty of suitors though, and the good news is that he delivered a promising update on his recovery.
"The rest is going to be strengthening and stuff," he said. "I'm cleared to do stuff on the court now, which is good."

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