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Steph Curry reflects on 'surreal' NBA championship win with the Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry lifted his fourth NBA Championship trophy on Friday, following the Golden State Warriors' 4-2 series win over the Boston Celtics.

After recording the worst NBA record in the 2019/20 season, the Golden State Warriors bounced back in style in 2022, going all the way to win their seventh championship as a franchise.
Steph Curry, as usual, was central to his side's success, with the 34-year-old scoring 34 points at TD Garden to ensure he was named Finals MVP for the first time in his career.
The Warriors twice fell behind in the series, but showed their grit and experience to fight their way back into contention and then storm into the lead.
Steve Kerr, the Warriors head coach, heaped praise onto Curry after his Finals performance, and suggested that him being named MVP is the "crowning achievement" of Curry's career.
Curry's teammate Andre Iguodala echoed the high praise given by Kerr, by suggesting Curry had "solidified himself as the greatest point guard of all time".
With four championships to his name, it's certainly a debate that can be had. But while praise piled in for the Warriors point guard, Curry himself was already focusing on next season.
"You don't want to see us next year" said Curry as the final buzzer sounded, before embracing his father, former NBA player Dell.

"This championship hits different," said Curry. "It was overwhelming, surreal, because you know how much you went through to get back to this stage.

"From injuries to a changing of the guard and the roster, young guys coming through, we carried the belief that we could get back and win, even if it didn't make sense to anybody when we said it.

"When we started this season we had a lot of conversations about who we were as a team and what we're capable of. You carry all of that on a daily basis to try to realise a dream and we did it."

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