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Kyrie Irving reunion is one of the reasons the Brooklyn Nets should look to acquire LeBron James

At 37 years old, LeBron James is coming to his twilight years in the NBA and he may only have one last chance at winning a championship, here's why it should be with Brooklyn.

The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off an extremely disappointing season, and this is despite LeBron James playing at an MVP level at the age of 37.
With the Lakers lacking the assets to build a better team around LeBron, perhaps the two parties could look to move on from one another.
One team that would make a ton of sense for LeBron at this stage of his career is the Brooklyn Nets, as they look to try and win at least one championship during the prime of Kevin Durant's career.
The Nets also have Kyrie Irving, who was LeBron's teammate for three seasons during their time with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
While the two had a falling out in Cleveland, and differences still seem to exist between the two, those differences can easily be hashed out if Durant convinces Irving into buying into this idea of winning multiple championships as a star trio.
Durant and Irving endorsed the idea of bringing James Harden on board, and while the experiment was short-lived, there was enough of a sample size to suggest that they could've been among the best teams of all time.
What that experiment also taught us is that KD and Kyrie can coexist with a third star, and LeBron certainly has the playmaking skills that they so desperately need in the absence of Harden.

Beneficial to both parties

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A potential move would hinge on the Lakers' interest in Ben Simmons, however, as he is the only piece on the Nets' roster, outside of KD and Kyrie, of course, that has any trade value to manufacture such a move.
The Lakers could view Simmons as a star to build around for the future, as he's still just 25 years old and hasn't hit his peak yet as a player.
The Los Angeles culture could also motivate Simmons to play his best basketball, and with the friendships he has around the league, perhaps they could look to build a superteam there in the future.
For the Nets, this move makes sense on many different levels.
NBA, Brooklyn Nets duo Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant
It will allow Kyrie to move back to being more of a shooting guard, where he can get open off the ball and also just focus on scoring without having to worry about orchestrating an offense.
Irving thrives with the ball in his hands, but having a primary playmaker will help take defensive attention away from him.
KD has proven that he can be effective without having the ball in his hands much at all, as he can pick and choose when to hunt for his mid-range shots or cut off the ball.
If the Nets also get more shooters and a solid defensive anchor inside the paint, they'll be in business.
Admittedly this is all unlikely to happen, but it's a solution that could be offered to both sides.

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