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Potential stars the Philadelphia 76ers could acquire, including Harden and Mitchell

Bradley Beal and Donovan Mitchell could be the type of players the Sixers need.

James Harden just doesn't look like the same player he used to be, as he seems less and less interested in scoring the basketball - much like he did when he was with the Houston Rockets, and more and more interested in being the primary playmaker.
Harden is going to be 33 next season, and with hamstring injuries compromising him over the past couple of seasons, it's safe to say that his days as an elite scorer are over.
However, that doesn't mean that he can't be a big part of a team's championship run. Just last season with the Brooklyn Nets, he proved he can be at least an effective scorer when he needs to be but can also thrive in a role as a primary playmaker.
For the Sixers to position themselves into a team that can put Harden back into that role, they may need to add a third star this offseason to do just that.
Here are some they can look into!

Donovan Mitchell - Utah Jazz

Donovan Mitchell could eventually request a trade out of Utah, as the Jazz haven't gotten past the second round in any season he's been there, and the options to upgrade their roster are limited at best.
Mitchell would immediately come in and give the Sixers the score-first guard they so desperately need, as Mitchell can create his own shot from behind the arc, in the mid-range, and at the rim.
The Sixers would almost certainly have to part with Tyrese Maxey to get this deal done, but they'll have Mitchell until 2026 with their title window only open for the next couple of seasons with Harden getting older and Joel Embiid right in the thick of the prime of his career.
The Jazz could also reload and get a young promising point guard for the future, and a boatload of draft picks to help them rebuild or re-tool around Rudy Gobert.

Bradley Beal - Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal has expressed a desire to stay with the Wizards, but with the direction of that team seemingly headed nowhere, Beal could be enticed to move on to Philadelphia.
Beal has the ability to create his own shot in the mid-range, at the rim, and from three, as he has the confidence and poise to carry his team down the stretch of games.
Beal would be a great complement to Harden in that he can put up good scoring performances without having the ball in his hands all of the time.
Maxey would also have to be moved in this instance, but this would also benefit the Wizards, who also need a long-term answer at the point guard position.

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