Five teams that should sign Colin Kaepernick - who insists he can still play in the NFL

After not being in the league since 2016, an NFL return looks on the cards for Colin Kaepernick. Planet Sport look at the teams who should try and sign him.

Colin Kaepernick got a chance to throw in front of NFL scouts at the weekend and insisted "I can still play" after making some throws at Michigan's spring game.

Kaepernick last played in the NFL in 2016 and while the 34-year-old can make throws to college receivers in a t-shirt and with no pass rushers chasing him down - readjusting to playing in pads again would undoubtedly take a while.

Critics also point to Kaepernick's declining stats during his last couple of seasons with San Francisco, but that team was a different one to that which made the Super Bowl.

Perhaps more importantly, there are plenty of NFL teams that are in dire need of a spark at quarterback, and so plenty of NFL teams should at least bet getting Kaepernick into the building to see what he's got.

At his best, Kaepernick was a devastating runner from QB and had a decent, if not elite, arm and just the promise of that talent still being there should be enough for some teams to take a closer look.

'I can still play' - Colin Kaepernick wants NFL chance

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was Kaepernick's head coach at San Francisco, and invited him to his college game to show what he's still got - with Kaepernick telling local reporter Jeanna Trotman that he believes he can still play at the highest level.

"We still get out there and sling it," Kaepernick said to Trotman. "Really, getting out here for the exhibition was to show that I can still do it.

"It's one of the questions my agent keeps getting, so we want to make sure we can come out, show everyone I can still play, still throw it."

Kaepernick could not just walk off the street into s starting spot after all this time, but he's a better option than plenty of back-ups and his running ability could open the playbook up for special QB run packages and trick plays.

Signing Kaepernick would bring huge media attention, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, while it could also be a sound business and PR move - and the NFL is a big business after all.

Which NFL teams should sign Colin Kaepernick?

Kaepernick obviously deserves a chance after effectively being blackballed by the NFL for taking a knee during the national anthem and shining a light on the racial and social injustice in America.

Even taking that out of the equation though, simply on a sporting level there simply aren't 32 back-up quarterbacks in the NFL that are proven to be better than what Kaepernick has produced - and you could argue a few starters as well.

So who could use a QB weapon like Kaepernick? Let's look at some possible landing spots.

Seattle Seahawks

Drew Lock flopped in Denver
Drew Lock flopped in Denver

Is Drew Lock the answer to losing Russell Wilson? The answer was a no for Lock in Denver but he did show glimpses of talent and Pete Carroll obviously feels good enough about him as his starter for next season.

Geno Smith is the back-up in Seattle though and simply adding Kaepernick to that mix you'd have to think he could give the former Jets QB a run for his money as the back-up even if Seattle have their starter 'locked' in...

Carolina Panthers

Sam Darnold failed to shine in Carolina
Sam Darnold failed to shine in Carolina

The Panthers tried to revive Sam Darnold's career, then tried to rebuild their former No.1 overal Draft pick and former MVP Cam Newton's and failed both times.

So why not take a run at Kaepernick and see if he's still got some of the juice he showed at San Francisco, especially in the running game that the Panthers are equipped to use.

This is one of those cases where Carolina's options are so bad they may as well give Kaepernick a shot.

Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen is a power QB runner in a similar style to Kaepernick
Josh Allen is a power QB runner in a similar style to Kaepernick

He's one from left field, but how about the Bills grab Kaepernick as a back-up to their superstar quarterback Josh Allen?

The Bills lost their regular back-up Mitch Trubiskey to Pittsburgh, and Kaepernick has the same size, strength and running ability as Allen as a big-bodied running quarterback.

Allen has nothing to fear over his job, and if Kaepernick is up to speed he offers something very similar as a back-up offering continuity for the team.

Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry could use Kaepernick as a running mate
Derrick Henry could use Kaepernick as a running mate

The Titans actually attended Kaepernick's 2019 workout and as abig running team then he'd fit the bill nicely as a back-up to Ryan Tannehill to challenge Logan Woodside. 

Given the Titans have running back colossus Derrick Henry though, Kaepernick could also provide the chance for some power running packages, especially down at the goal line, with the two of them being huge bodies to try and stop.

Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson had an injury-hit year
Lamar Jackson had an injury-hit year

More of insurance policy for the Ravens of they brought Kaepernick in on a veteran minimum contract to work behind MVP Lamar Jackson and talented back-up Tyler Huntley.

Jackson suffered a number of injury problems last season and Huntley wasn't fully healthy either. Injuries to both can't be ruled out given they're both nifty QB runners who could take big hits in the ground game.

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman was Kaepernick's coach for four years in San Francisco and could add even more QB run plays with Kaepernick on the books.

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