Jack Crawford's decade in the NFL: British star reveals his career highlights

As Jack Crawford retires from the NFL after 10 years, Planet Sport talks to the Londoner about his career highlights.

Jack Crawford brought the curtain down on a decade in the NFL by announcing his retirement back home in the UK, with a special video shown to home about his career.

Born in north London, Crawford is one of Britain's most successful NFL exports having been drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 2012 and going on to play 109 games in the league.

Crawford went on to represent some of the biggest teams in the league, including the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals over the course of his decade in the NFL.

Crawford returned to play at Wembley with the Cowboys in 2014, and had a superb game too when recording a sack and forced fumble at the home of English soccer.

After moving to the USA at 17 and getting a scholarship to Penn State, Crawford's long playing journey is now over, and Planet Sport caught up with him to pick out some of his career highlights.

Jack Crawford calls time on Career

Crawford told Planet Sport that it was important for him to hang up his cleats on his own terms.

"There's no easy way to call it a day, and even if you look at Tom Brady after 20 years and winning Super Bowls he still can't call it a day," said Crawford.

"It's hard when it's all you've known for over 10 years. It's never easy but I think it's important that I retire on my own terms and that I retire from the game and not the game retires me."

Fellow British player Efe Obada is part of the new breed heading across the Atlantic - and the new Washington Commander sent a message to congratulate the man that went before him.

"Congratulations on an amazing career, you're a legend, an inspiration to everyone in the UK and in the US," said Obada.

"On a personal note, I want to say thank you being a support system for me through the years. Thanks for being a brother and a friend. I wish you nothing but love and success in your next chapter."

Jack Crawford's pick of his career

Who was the toughest player to play against?

"It's actually somebody I was teammates with, Tyron Smith as an offensive tackle, he's not really human.

"As a six-foot-five grown man I've never felt like a kid before by another player throwing me around, but he's a different breed."

Where's the toughest place to play on the road in the NFL?

"It's maybe in New Orleans, their fanbase is just rowdy and if they get a bit of an edge on you in the game then the fanbase just gets on top of you.

"You can feel overwhelmed by that stadium sometimes."

What about the Philadelphia Eagles?

"Yes, well a lot of people like to call out the Eagles but I purposely didn't because I know they like that reputation!

"I like to highlight the fact that when I played there with Dallas, we silenced the crowd and they were quick to turn on their own players.

"They are a rowdy bunch though, and a lot of the people I went to high school with and the family I stayed with at high school are Philly fans so I won't give them that satisfaction!"

Any extra pressure playing for 'America's Team' the Dallas Cowboys?

"I wouldn't say I felt any extra pressure but you definitely know there's extra eyes on you, just based on how many messages you get after a game - be it good or bad!

"When I was with the Cowboys we had so many games on primetime you always get people reaching out to you after games.

"And as soon as I left the Cowboys and went to the Falcons I lost about 10,000 followers on Instagram so that was a bit of an indication."

What next for Jack Crawford?

Crawford has visited the NFL Academy and will continue to help the up-and-coming British players who are trying to make it in the NFL.

There are also now a growing number of Brits being picked up by NFL teams and Crawford will always be on hand to offer help and advice.

Not many players get to spend a decade in the NFL, playing across the country for multiple teams, so Crawford truly has a wealth of experience to call on.

"I've now got a lot more time on my hands, and I can come back over, spend more time with my family and help the next generation coming up from the UK."

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