'Rome wasn't built in a day', Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper asks for patience during rebuild

The Carolina Panthers boast the sixth pick of the 2022 NFL Draft and will want to continue building up a strong roster as they look to mount a playoff push.

After ending last season on 5-12, the Carolina Panthers will want another season of improvements as they look to push their way to a playoff spot.

The Panthers gambled on quarterback Sam Darnold last season, trading for the 24-year-old in hope that he can become the heartbeat of the team.

It didn't quite work out though, with Darnold struggling to lead an offence that admittedly is crying out for additions this offseason.

Well, with the sixth pick in this week's 2022 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers could look to bolster their offence and strengthen the weapons around Darnold.

Just as likely though, it seemed the Panthers could use their pick to replace Darnold as quarterback, as they look to shine in the NFC.

However, while rumours of the Panthers potentially picking up a new quarterback were swirling, it seems owner David Tepper isn't ready to give up on Darnold just yet.

"I just want to say one thing. I do think we have a very good quarterback in Sam Darnold.

"At the time that we made the trade, Sam's compensation was moderate and what the coaching staff and what the scouting staff thought at the time was that he's a very talented young man.

"I think he was second or third in that draft class - in the first round. And that he has incredible skills. And he still does have incredible skills."

With Tepper all-but confirming that the Panthers will stick with Darnold for the upcoming season, it seems they'll use the draft to build around the 24-year-old quarterback - a risk, but one that could pay off.

And while the Panthers plan their draft picks and prepare for a rebuild in Carolina, Tepper urged fans to have patience with the project.

"Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is this team," said Tepper.

"I want to win now, ok? I want to win now. But I know that you still have to build the foundation. ... We're gonna be building, and we have built in free agency. ... I'm excited about the new season. What was then is then and what is now is now. And I'm ready to go."

The Panthers are one of many franchises to keep an eye on when the highly anticipated Draft begins on Thursday night.

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