'Give her a couple of years' - British legend urges patience with Emma Raducanu development

Pressure of expectation could be dangerous, warns Wimbledon icon.

Wimbledon icon Virginia Wade has urged fans to reign in their expectations of Emma Raducanu and allow her to develope naturally.

Raducanu rose to superstardom this year when she became the first ever player to win a Grand Slam as a qualifier at the US Open.

Since then she has broken into the world's top 20 and earned major sponsorship deals with the likes of Tiffany & Co, Dior, and Luis Vuitton.

She has also been invited to a plethora of exclusive social events with everyone seemingly wanting a piece of her.

However, things haven't gone great on the court since that US Open win, with her struggling to string wins together.

Wade, though, says that is completely natural for a 19-year-old player, and she believes Raducanu must be allowed to mature slowly into her new-found status.

"Getting all these endorsements can turn these young players' heads," Wade told the Radio Times.

"You've got to remember you got [these deals] because you're a good tennis player, and not for any other reason.

"So you'd better stay being a good tennis player. She's very smart, intelligent, well-balanced, serious.

"She really applies herself. She problem-solves on the court. We don't need to expect anything spectacular in the next few years.

"Give her a couple of good, steady, learning years."

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