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French Open: 'Total disrespect' – David Goffin claims fan spat chewing gum at him during match

Belgian veteran David Goffin claimed a spectator at the French Open spat chewing gum at him during his match against home player Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard.

The former world number seven, who won in five sets on a packed and boisterous Court 14, said he fears tennis crowds are becoming more like football hooligans.

He told reporters: “Clearly, it goes too far, it’s total disrespect. It’s really too much. It’s becoming football, soon there will be smoke bombs, hooligans and there will be fights in the stands.

“It’s starting to become ridiculous. Some people are there more to cause trouble than to create an atmosphere.

“Someone spat out their chewing gum at me. It was getting complicated. That’s why I wanted to stay calm. If I started to get angry about it, it could have destabilised me.”

Roland Garros chiefs released a statement urging spectators to behave.

“The public are incredibly enthusiastic, particularly on the outside courts,” they said. “However, they must of course show full respect to all players while doing so.

“Although it is only natural that fans share their excitement and cheer on their favourites, this may not in any case go against the values of tennis or consideration for the players.”

Goffin plays fourth seed Alexander Zverev in the second round on Thursday.

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