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Alexander Zverev reaches out of court settlement with ex-girlfriend

A settlement was reached in the court case against Alexander Zverev where his ex-girlfriend accused him of abuse.

The German, who was due to take on Casper Ruud in the French Open semifinals later on Friday, was contesting a penalty order and fine of 450,000 euros issued last October.

The case began in Berlin last week without Zverev present and had been due to resume on Friday before continuing across various dates until the middle of July.

The 27-year-old, ranked fourth in the world, has always maintained his innocence and the settlement does not include an admission of guilt.

A court spokesperson told the press: "I can confirm that the court has terminated the proceedings with the consent of the public prosecution office.

"The defendant must pay an amount of 200,000 euros. Of this, 150,000 euros go to the state treasury, the rest goes to non-profit organisations.

"The decision is not a verdict and it does not involve a decision about guilt or innocence.

"One decisive factor for the court decision was that the witness has expressed her wish to end the trial. The defendant agreed to the termination of the case."

Speaking about the case ahead of the French Open, Zverev said: "I do believe in the German system. I do believe in the truth, as well. I have to be certain that I do know what I did, I do know what I didn't do.

"I do believe that I'm not going to lose this procedure. There's absolutely no chance I am."


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