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Watch episode 8 of the On Another Planet podcast with Robbie Savage and Emma Jones

In the eighth episode of the On Another Planet podcast, Robbie Savage and Emma Jones are joined by Macclesfield's owner Rob Smethurst and Planet Sport's Seb Sternik.

After an important win at the weekend, Macclesfield owner Rob Smethurst joins the podcast once again to discuss how he came to buy the club, how he goes about running the club, and his aspirations for the future.

This week's podcast topics include:

- How Rob came to buy the club off Rightmove?

- How much money did he have to spend in the first few months?

- How much does it cost to run the club a year?

- How do you balance the books?

Later in the show, Planet Sport's Seb Sternick joins representing Poland as they take on Robbie's beloved Wales for a spot at the European Championships.

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The podcast also welcomes questions and perspectives from listeners which will be answered by Robbie and Emma on the podcast.

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As well as dissecting the latest news from the Premier League and Champions League, we'll be finding out everything we can about Robbie's role as a Director of Football and talking to journalists from other members of the Planet Sport family, such as TEAMtalk, Football365, Planet Football and Planet Sport.

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