'Quality isn't enough' - Man Utd defender questions Red Devils' attitude

Luke Shaw challenges Manchester United to up their intensity to save Premier League campaign.

Full-back Luke Shaw hinted that it was a lack of application, not ability, that was responsible for Manchester United's struggles.

The Red Devils lost 1-0 to Wolves on Monday at Old Trafford to slip further behind in the race for a top four finish this season.

United players have been accused in the media of not being willing to run enough or work hard enough compared to Premier League rivals, and this defeat will only strengthen those claims.

And, speaking candidly after the defeat, Shaw admitted the Man Utd players are seriously lacking in 'intensity' right now.

"Looks, us players, we've been here for a long time," Shaw said.

"We've played at home, we know what it's like when we have the intensity, you can feel the motivation is there.

"But I think maybe tonight we struggled. I didn't feel when I was on the pitch that we were all there together. We felt like we were struggling and it was tough.

"I think you look at our squad, you look at our team, the players we have - we have unbelievable quality, we have great quality.

"Sometimes quality isn't enough. Like I said, we need to bring the intensity, we need to bring being more aggressive and we need to bring more motivation.

"Maybe from the outside today it didn't look like we had any of those three, but inside the dressing room we know we want to win. We know what we want.

"But when we step out on that pitch we need to give 100 per cent. Everything we've got.

"I'm not saying not everyone did, but I think to win these types of games against a tough team like Wolves, we all need to be 100 per cent committed because we know it's always close games whoever they play.

"It's just tough and disappointing, but we have time now to re-focus back.

"We've got a long training week and maybe the manager can bring some more ideas what he wants on the pitch."

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