Social Zone: Mike Dean assist in Trent Alexander-Arnold strike, and Roger Federer reigns supreme

Also, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal get ready to resume a rivalry, and Tiger Woods realises he has his own mini-me.

Soccer: If you find a couple of keepy-ups while running towards your own goal and then falling over 'greatly entertaining', then BT Sport have you covered.

Soccer: I think we all did, Trent. Well, maybe not Newcastle fans, but most of us. Kudos to Mike Dean for opening up the space with the clever run too.

Soccer: You can take the boy out of Sunderland, but not Sunderland out of the boy. Yeah, Jordan Henderson definitely enjoyed that Liverpool win over Newcastle

Tennis: If you have a little time on Friday, it might be worth watching a couple of old guys playing tennis.

Tennis: Of course, Andy Murray has always known Rafael Nadal's one true weakness...

Tennis: Roger Federer has played 20 matches in two years and is, at this point, all but semi-retired, but it seems actually playing tennis is no longer a prerequisite for winning a 'favourite tennis player' award.

Golf: If Tiger Woods was our dad, we'd probably try to be exactly like him on a golf course too. Actually, Tiger Woods isn't our dad and we still try to be exactly like him.

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