Social Zone: Rice does karaoke on Twitter, while Carragher pokes fun at Manchester United

Declan Rice took to Twitter to show off his singing voice, Jamie Carragher couldn't resist winding Manchester United up about Solskjaer's appointment, and we take a look at David Ginola's biggest fan.

SOCCER: It appears David Ginola has gained a lot of fans since appearing on I'm a Celebrity this season, but no one will be as big a fan as Paul Gascoigne back in their Everton days.

SOCCER: Declan Rice joined the #SingYourDialect trend yesterday, and he didn't disappoint. We knew he had a set of lungs on him but take a bow Declan.

SOCCER: And the England admin clearly enjoyed his performance too, duet with Jesse Lingard up next?

SOCCER: After Michael Carrick won his first game as Manchester United's interim manager, Jamie Carragher couldn't help but poke fun at the whole situation. What it lacks in grammar, it makes up for in comedy.

SOCCER: Reece James was at it again for Chelsea last night. We haven't seen an English right-back this good since, well... Trent Alexander-Arnold played last weekend.

SOCCER: Manuel Neuer doing his best hungover Sunday League goalkeeper impression last night was all the motivation we needed to believe we can still make it. Thanks Manuel.

SOCCER: Play is just going to continue after that, is it? The manager can't even believe it himself.

NFL: In American football terms, that's a brilliant run. In soccer terms, Tom Brady's getting a straight red for that two-footed challenge!

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