Social Zone: Brendan Rodgers gets serious grump and Thomas Muller trolls Barcelona - again

Also: a Plymouth fan over-celebrates and Manchester United defender invokes his inner-Booker T.

Soccer: Barcelona are pretty down in the dumps after their Champions League exit, but don't expect a brutal Thomas Muller not to kick them.

Soccer: UEFA reminds us that it's all fun and games in the Europa League until Patrick van Aanholt gets a clip round the ear.

Soccer: It's quite subtle, but can we detect just a hint of disappointment from Brendan Rodgers after Leicester crashed out of the Europa League and into the Europa Conference?

Soccer: Eric Bailly has learned a new trick, presumably from watching too many old-school wrestling videos.

Soccer: Big shout-out to this Plymouth fan this week...

Cricket: Rory Burns decided not to face the first ball of England's second innings, and it probably didn't do him any favours...

(He was out for 13, by the way.)

Pool: The Mosconi Cup seems to deliver in atmosphere just as much as it delivers in drama. We approve.

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