The shocking cost of a Tottenham home shirt revealed in our Premier League kit shopping list

Spurs boast the most costly shirt package at £135 with Arsenal and Liverpool pushing them close, but there are still bargains to be had.

It's not just Tottenham who are spending big this summer, it's their supporters too.

Spurs have splashed out close to £80million to add Richarlison and Yves Bissouma to their ranks in a bid to bridge the gap between themselves and the top two.

It has led to talk of a genuine title bid from Antonio Conte's side.

However, the north London outfit are already top of one league table - the Premier League of replica shirt costs.

Fans wanting to show their love for the team this season by wearing the same matchday jersey as Richarlison can expect to pay an eye-watering £135 for the privilege.

A nameless, numberless replica Spurs shirt, meanwhile, also comes out as the most expensive in the division at £75.

Planet Sport looks at how the outlay compares to the rest of the Premier League.

Note: All shirts listed are short-sleeved


2022/23 adult home shirt: £70

2022/23 junior home shirt: £50

For £70 you get a shirt that is "striking the perfect balance between vintage class and modern aesthetics" apparently.

It's armed with "moisture-absorbing AEROREADY technology" which means "you can always count on this home shirt to keep you dry and confident, on the pitch and beyond".

Good news because if you purchase the authentic home shirt (£100), name, number (£13) and Premier League patches (£8), you won't be able to afford a coat.

Aston Villa

2022/23 shirt not yet released

Villa have yet to reveal their 2022/23 shirt but there are bargains to be had if you are happy to be seen in a 2021/22 jersey.

The home shirt is available for £15, though only 4XL is available, while if you're brave enough to have Mings on your back, there are plenty of away shirts going at £25.


2022/23 shirt not yet released

The Cherries are another club who have yet to announce their kit for the new season.

They do have a shirt from their promotion campaign on offer, though at £16.50. And in stark contrast to Villa, the only size they have available is small.


Christian Eriksen

2021/23 adult home shirt: £49

2021/23 junior home shirt: £38

Maybe hoping to stave off second-season syndrome, Brentford admirably opted to keep their first-team home shirt for two campaigns.

At £49 it is also the cheapest jersey on offer, too.


Yves Bissouma - last season's stock

2022/23 shirt not yet released

We are still awaiting Brighton's 2022/23 effort (I'm thinking blue and white stripes), while there is also a shortage of previous season bargains to be had.

Perhaps reflecting the high take-up in stock, there is only a 3XL away shirt available and it will set you back £52.


2022/23 shirt not yet released

Chelsea have not formally launched their shirt for next season but if the leaked photos from Asia are anything to go by, there won't be a mad rush for them when they do.

It maybe explains why all last season's home shirts have sold out in adult sizes. Kids' sizes are still available at a pretty steep £54.95, with the adult away kit still in the club shop, priced at £69.95.

Crystal Palace

2022/23 adult away shirt: £55

2022/23 junior away shirt: £45

Palace have only released their away shirt so far, which looks like someone has scribbled two felt-tipped pens down the middle of it.

It's available in regular and something called body fit which features a slim tailored body, as worn by the players. Perfect for showing off all those beer bellies.


2022/23 shirt not yet released

Anyone wanting to relive the drama of last season can do so by purchasing an adult away shirt for just £18. Only available in a small, however.

In contrast, an adult home shirt, costing the same, can be bought in sizes 4XL and 5XL. Perfect for pitching it as a tent if you've got any festivals coming up.


Fulham striker Aleksandar Mitrovic celebrates scoring at Bournemouth in the Championship in April 2022

2022/23 shirt not yet released

Fulham's promotion-winning home shirt has been reduced from £60 to £20. And the good news keeps on coming, it's available in small, medium and large.


2022/23 shirt not yet released

Can you ascertain the body shape of a football team's support by their excess clothing stock I wonder?

Leeds still have home shirts available from the 2021/22 season, also at £20. Available in small and extra small.

Leicester City

2022/23 adult home shirt: £63

2022/23 junior home shirt: £45

The online description goes: Combining features such as the prominent white collar and neck trim - synonymous with the Jimmy Bloomfield sides of the 1970s - and the popular 'dynamic fox' made famous by the likes of Gary Lineker and Alan Smith in the 1980s, the 2022/23 home shirt carries iconic elements of shirts of past eras.

Basically, it looks smart.

An extra £21 will get you shirt personalisation and a Premier League badge on the sleeve.


2022/23 adult home shirt: £59.95

2022/23 junior home shirt: £54.95

The adult replica home shirt is a fairly on-par £59.95, with an extra £40 getting you the matchday version. You can pair this up with the matchday shorts, which come in at a whopping £59.95.

An extra £16 will get your shirt personalised with a name and a Premier League badge, so the advice here is to get your money's worth and put Alexander-Arnold on the back - it's the same price as Diaz.

Manchester City

2022/23 adult home shirt: £70

2022/23 junior home shirt: £55

City went early with their home shirt for next season, ensuring Erling Haaland could show it off in all its glory when he completed his move from Borussia Dortmund.

You can get the matchday version for £100 which comes in a giftbox. Classy.

Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo has thanked Liverpool supporters for their compassion

2022/23 shirt yet to be released

Last season's home shirt was based on the three pillars of Manchester United's motto according to the advertising spiel: Youth, courage and success.

That United went on to sign a then 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, show absolutely no courage and end the season with absolutely no success probably illustrates why there are still plenty available at a cut-price £20. Maguire is available for £35. I think that's the shirt.

Newcastle United

2022/23 adult home shirt: £65

2022/23 junior home shirt: £50

Pity the copywriter who had to try and dress up another black and white-striped Newcastle shirt. This one is "honouring the 130-year history of Newcastle United". Perhaps next year's will honour the 131-year history of Newcastle United.

The third kit, very similar to the Saudi Arabia national team's, will set you back £105 for a pro version - the second most expensive unadorned shirt on our list.

Nottingham Forest

2022/23 shirt yet to be released

Forest are completely out of stock of all home and away shirts following their run to the play-off final last season thanks to a rush of supporters desperate to replace their 1998/99 jerseys.


2022/23 adult home shirt: £55

2022/23 junior home shirt: £45

"This shirt symbolises Southampton's desire to stand out, whilst also inspiring fans to be brave, regardless of their background," so says the online description.

You'd certainly need to be brave to wear it, as it's horrible. But at least it's at the cheaper end of the division.


2022/23 adult home shirt: £75

2022/23 junior home shirt: £55

The elite shirt has a "tailored feel that moves in synergy with your body" says the advertising guy from Tottenham who thinks using the word synergy will justify you forking out £115 for an elite shirt and £65 for the matching shorts.

Add on an arm patch to the shirt and a personalised name and number and that will take you to £135.

Free delivery, though.

West Ham

2022/23 adult home shirt: £65

2022/23 junior home shirt: £55

With a habit of their sponsors going bump doing their season, West Ham have understandably produced a non-sponsored version of their hideous 2022/23 home shirt, also priced at £65.

"It packs a punch with its distorted linear graphic" is a phrase I'll now use when commenting on my five-year-old's badly coloured in pictures.


2022/23 adult home shirt: £55

2022/23 junior home shirt: £45

The pro version is a whopping £105 but comes complete with mesh panels across the shoulders which are finished with abrasion tape. Or buy the cheaper version and take your chances.

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