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Report: Bayern Munich star Joshua Kimmich rejects Barcelona offer

Bayern Munich midfielder Joshua Kimmich has reportedly rejected an offer from Barcelona, due to the financial package not meeting his demands.

Barcelona have long coveted Kimmich, showing interest even during Xavi's tenure as manager.

Despite initial hopes that the arrival of Hansi Flick might alter the situation, Kimmich is still unconvinced about joining Barcelona as they aim to bolster their midfield this summer.

Hansi Flick, who has coached Kimmich both at Bayern Munich and with the German national team, has endorsed the player's potential impact at Barcelona.

Advanced discussions between the Catalan club and Kimmich have taken place, but negotiations have stalled due to financial disagreements.

Barcelona's salary offer falls short of Kimmich's current earnings of approximately €19.5million before taxes.

Two significant issues are hindering the agreement. Firstly, Barcelona must comply with the 1:1 spending rule, a target they have yet to meet due to previously unmet funding from Libero.

Secondly, Barcelona are striving to maintain a balanced salary structure, which will become increasingly difficult next season, especially with Robert Lewandowski's salary nearing €30million.

Kimmich's salary demands conflict with Barcelona's financial limitations, casting uncertainty over the potential transfer. 

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