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Real Madrid's Toni Kroos undecided on retirement amid Champions League campaign

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos addressed the media before Tuesday's UEFA Champions League encounter against RB Leipzig, expressing uncertainty about his future in football.

At 34, the German star admitted he's yet to finalize his decision on retirement or extending his playing career.

"I still don't know what to do. I've always been honest with you and I haven't decided anything yet. I'm very happy that people want me to continue for another year, that's positive. I feel good, motivated and my body is fine, but I haven't made up my mind yet," Kroos disclosed to reporters.

Reflecting on his career trajectory and potential return to the German national team, Kroos emphasized the importance of thorough contemplation. "I have to make decisions and think a lot. It will depend on a lot of things. About my personal plans, how I'm feeling... I want to finish my career at the highest level possible," he remarked, leaving the door slightly ajar for a comeback on the international stage.

Despite his age, Kroos remains upbeat by his mental resilience and longevity in the game. "The good things start and the good things are always harder... My body has given me few problems. My head surprises me because I said I wanted to retire at the age of 32," he shared, underscoring his enduring passion and commitment.

Turning attention to the upcoming match at Red Bull Arena, Kroos acknowledged the challenges posed by RB Leipzig, emphasizing the need for peak performance. "Seasons are played in March and April... They're an intense team and we can't give a little less than the last few games to win here," he cautioned, showing respect for the opponents.

In response to criticism received at the Arabian Super Cup for his stance on human rights issues, Kroos remained unyielding. "It was confirmation that I said the right thing," he asserted, reaffirming his principles amidst external pressure.

With Real Madrid leading La Liga and displaying formidable form in the Champions League, Kroos continues to be a linchpin in their pursuit of silverware.

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