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Rayo Vallecano target Bryan Zaragoza from Bayern Munich

In a bid to bolster their ranks for the upcoming La Liga campaign, Rayo Vallecano have set their sights on Bryan Zaragoza, amidst his Bayern Munich struggles.

Zaragoza, hastily integrated into Bayern Munich's squad in January, due to injuries in the Bundesliga side's squad, finds himself grappling with linguistic and integration challenges. Despite his undeniable quality, the 22-year-old Mexican has seen limited playing time, clocking just 34 minutes across two games.

Coach Thomas Tuchel, instrumental in Zaragoza's recruitment during Bayern's injury crisis, pointed out the crux of the issue - language barriers. 

Tuchel emphasized the importance of linguistic integration, citing Zaragoza's need to grasp English and German to truly fit in with the team.

However, with time running short in the season, Zaragoza's prospects seem uncertain. Looking ahead, the departure of Tuchel at the season end and the summer break might offer opportunities for improvement, but until then, his role remains precarious.

Meanwhile, Rayo Vallecano, keen on strengthening their squad for the challenges ahead, have identified Zaragoza as a potential target, according to 'Sky Sports'. 

Known for their preference for fast, dynamic wingers, Zaragoza perfectly fits the bill for Vallecas.

As Bayern urge patience from the young winger, Zaragoza remains determined to prove himself at the Bavarian club. 

Yet, with uncertainties looming, a return to Spain, particularly to Rayo Vallecano, could be on the cards for Zaragoza to reignite his career in familiar surroundings.

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