Manchester United chief executive Richard Arnold heads off fan protest at his local pub

A handful of discontent Manchester United fans met chief executive Richard Arnold in a local pub to discuss the future of the troubled club.

Arnold headed off a planned protest outside his Cheshire home by meeting some fans in his local pub to discuss the ongoing unrest about the ownership of the Glazer family.

The CEO, who replaced Ed Woodward earlier this year, bought drinks for the group and discussed a range of topics, including the owners, financial issues, and United's pursuit of Barcelona midfielder Frenkie De Jong.

Videos of Arnold - who did not appear to know he was being filmed during his discussion with fans - have been posted on social media.

Even though the group was only believed to be around 12 people they are the first set of fans to sit down with a senior Manchester United official face-to-face in 17 years.

Arnold reportedly said money was "not a consideration" in the club's summer recruitment drive when asked about transfer plans under new boss Erik Ten Hag.

Speaking of financial issues at the club, he said: "We spent a billion pounds on players, we spent more than anyone in Europe. I'm not thrilled where we are.

"What's happened is we've burnt through cash. I don't think we've done well with the money we've spent historically.

"For the future, for investing in a new stadium and that sort of stuff, to do a latest and greatest £250million training ground, we've got to do something, we've got to get investors in.

"I need that to do what I want for the club. I've got to have more cash than we have now because no club in the world has the money to do a new stadium without getting it from somewhere, no one generates that - you either borrow it or someone invests it."

A spokesperson for Manchester United said: "Richard heard that a group of fans had gathered in a pub near his house.

"He went to meet them, bought them all a drink, listened to their views, and explained what the club is doing to deliver success on the pitch, improve the stadium, and strengthen engagement with fans."

United have just endured their worst Premier League campaign from a points perspective, finishing sixth with a tally of 58 following only 16 wins from their 38 games.

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