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Man City's Joao Cancelo keen to stay at Barcelona, after disagreement with Pep Guardiola

Joao Cancelo has indicated his strong preference for staying at Barcelona beyond the summer, hinting at a potential departure from Manchester City altogether.

Cancelo's statements come after he spoke last week about his desire to continue his journey with Barcelona, emphasizing that he feels he is "where he always wanted to be." 

The defender left City in January due to disagreements with manager Pep Guardiola regarding his playing time and position within the team.

The Portuguese full-back had faced challenges at City, notably falling out of favour at right-back, leading to his loan move to Bayern Munich, where he contributed to their Bundesliga triumph. Subsequently, Cancelo joined Barcelona on loan during the summer transfer window.

Cancelo's recent remarks shed light on his perspective regarding the disagreement with Guardiola that prompted his initial departure from City. During his time with the Portugal national team, Cancelo sought to clarify the circumstances surrounding his exit, providing insights into the situation from his point of view.

"There are things we didn't agree on, we're not obligated to agree on everything," he told Portuguese network RTP.

"I had things I didn't agree on or he didn't agree with something I said, it was just that. But I don't have resentment, I am very grateful. Life goes on, I am very, very happy here.

"At the moment they haven't told me anything, but I hope I can stay [at Barcelona]. I'm doing everything to make that happen. I really want to play for Benfica, really, but I want to play two or three more years here.

"Although we have financial problems, I am delighted to be here. After Benfica, it is the club that I always liked. Pepe told me many times that he was a player for Real Madrid, but I told him that it was for Barcelona. The truth is that I am where I always wanted to be."

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