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July 1 Social Zone: Henderson’s heartwarming transformation from England substitute to England fan

Kane’s goal against Germany provokes emotional celebration, while Everton are hoping for a Benitez bounce.

SOCCER: This footage from England's win over Germany hit social media on Wednesday and it's a joy to behold.

SOCCER: But it's only what we've come to expect from Jordan Henderson.

SOCCER: Does this mean Everton are set to embark on the road to nowhere under Rafa?

SOCCER: I'm only just getting used to the fact that matching tops and shorts are a thing. But matching top, shorts and flip flops?
SOCCER: Everyone knows what the ambition for Sunderland is Aiden. And everyone knows how it will end. Another season in League One.
SOCCER: Euro 2020 delayed by a year, Olympics delayed by a year. And now the school sports day. No wonder Chester co-boss Anthony Johnson isn't happy.
GOLF: Does it spoil it that it's actually Phil Mickelson's own club? No, not really.
BASEBALL: And finally, I think the pitcher is slightly overplaying his hand in this out.

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