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Julen Lopetegui: West Ham fans can bring out the best in the players

Newly-appointed West Ham boss Julen Lopetegui believes the Premier League side's loyal base of supporters will be vital to push the Irons in the upcoming season.

The newly-appointed Hammers boss began his duties on Monday and takes over from former manager David Moyes, who divided opinions in east London.

Lopetegui talked up the size of West Ham's 60,000-plus stadium capacity.

Speaking at his unveiling at London Stadium, Lopetegui said, "I know and am aware about our fanbase that we have around the world. That's why I say I think that we are the London club. I feel that. We have one of the highest attendances in the Premier League.

"We have a stadium with 62,500 capacity and always it is full. We have to be able to use this energy, pushing ourselves a lot, but in the same (way) use this big energy for us.

"This help from the fans is going to be key - above all, in the bad moments, to feel that extra energy we are going to have, for sure. There is no time to promise nothing, but I am sure that this energy is going to be key for us to be able to overcome a lot of difficulties that we are going to have."

West Ham who won the Conference League in 2023 finished ninth last season.

Lopetegui insists he will not set limits on what the Hammers can achieve in the next campaign.

"We are not going to put limits. Our focus and aim has to be the first match. Our ambition is that we love to win, we love to work in this kind of place and fight for the club." he added.

"Our first match is our first test, against Aston Villa. We are aware that we have a very hard start, but this is the Premier League.

"I think that we have a very good platform, talking about the squad, the team and the players - to be able to do one step and to make a big noise. That is the aim that we want to make here.

"That's why I have a lot of reasons to say yes to West Ham. I am very happy."

Former manager Moyes departed after a second stint at the club which began in 2019.

Lopetegui, who previously managed Wolves, said he will meet his predecessor to discuss his new role further.

When asked if he had contacted Moyes, Lopetegui said, "I sent him a message, we have said we will go for a coffee."

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