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Gareth Bale predicts Real Madrid triumph in Champions League final

Former Real Madrid star Gareth Bale, a five-time UEFA Champions League winner, shared his thoughts ahead of Real Madrid's final against Borussia Dortmund.

Reflecting on his experiences and the current state of the team, Bale provided insights into the match and the significance of the Champions League for the club.

In an interview with AS, ahead of Saturday's final at Wembley, Bale, who scored three crucial goals in Champions League finals, including a spectacular bicycle kick against Liverpool in 2018, expressed his excitement about watching the game without the pressure of performing on the pitch.

"It will be nice to see a Real Madrid Champions League final without all that pressure and expectations. It's something I'm not really used to," he remarked.

Bale emphasized the unique pressure that comes with playing for Real Madrid in the Champions League. "Even having been to Madrid, it is difficult to explain what the Champions League means. Obviously, it means a lot to the club and the fans. It is the most valued competition and the main focus each year," he said.

Bale noted Real Madrid's resilience and knack for comebacks as key elements of their success. "The fact that they keep winning, even when they seem down… we always seem to find a way to come back and win."

The Welshman highlighted Real Madrid's psychological edge over opponents, citing their storied history and the fear they instil in other teams. "You could say that now, the other teams are playing against the Madrid shield, they have a special aura. They have momentum behind them, Real Madrid and the European Cup.

"Teams are afraid to play against Real Madrid and that is something very important when facing a final," Bale explained.

While his later years at the club were controversial, Bale's deep connection with Real Madrid remains strong. "I was there for a long time. I still watch their games and look for their results, I still love the team, and I still support them, just as I did when I was young," he shared.

Bale is confident in Real Madrid's ability to secure another Champions League title. "I fully expect Madrid to lift the trophy. They understand the pressures and know what to expect, which is a big advantage," he stated.

He also discussed the potential impact of a Real Madrid victory on Jude Bellingham's career. Bale believes that a successful tournament for Bellingham could boost his chances of winning the Ballon d'Or. "Obviously, there is a lot to prove, but Bellingham has already done a lot of hard work to win the Ballon d'Or. He has adapted very well and had a fantastic first season.

"They've won the league and to be able to win a Champions League in your first season, obviously from personal experience, it's a great thing to have, it gives you that energy to keep going," Bale said.

As Real Madrid prepare for another shot at European glory, Bale's words reflect the high stakes and enduring legacy of the club in the Champions League. The football world eagerly await to see if the Merengues can once again assert their dominance and secure their status as the kings of Europe.

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