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Euro 2024: Hungary's Barnabas Varga stable in hospital after collision on pitch

Hungary forward Barnabas Varga is in a stable condition at a hospital in Stuttgart after requiring medical attention during the Euro 2024 win over Scotland.

The Ferencvaros forward required lengthy treatment on the pitch after colliding with Scotland goalkeeper Angus Gunn in the second half in Stuttgart.

Hungary players had quickly signalled that Varga was in trouble and were visibly incensed at the time the medical teams were taking to get over to treat the player.

After more than six minutes of treatment, Varga was carried off the field on a stretcher while sheets were held up to shield him from view.

Shortly after full-time of Hungary's 1-0 victory, the country's football federation confirmed the 29-year-old was stable.

A statement from the Hungarian Football Federation read: "Barnabas Varga's condition is stable. The Ferencvaros player is currently in one of the hospitals in Stuttgart. We will inform you immediately if there is any news about his status."

Gunn told the BBC: "It was a bit of a blur. I thought I had to come and thought I'd done well. It was a bit painful. Hopefully the guy is all right. I can't really remember too much about it."

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