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Didier Deschamps: Kylian Mbappe in the right 'headspace' for Euro 2024 semi-final

France boss Didier Deschamps has praised the resilience of star player Kylian Mbappe due to his determination to deal with injury adversity at Euro 2024.

The talismanic forward, who suffered a broken nose early in the tournament, has continued to inspire despite the physical setback.

In their opening match, Mbappe bravely took to the field sporting a protective mask, scoring a crucial penalty goal that set the tone for France's journey.

However, his injury woes resurfaced during the quarter-final clash against Portugal, where he was substituted late in the game, raising concerns over his form and mental state.

Deschamps has been vocal in his support for Mbappe, acknowledging the challenges posed by the injury and its impact on the player's performance.

"He played 110 minutes, we knew extra time was a bit hard," Deschamps said of his decision to substitute him against Portugal.

"Physically, even if he seems slightly off, he will be on that pitch. We wanted him to rest up as much as he needed to. We did everything we could and I am convinced that Kylian is in the right headspace.

"It is not linked to the last game but the end of last season, he had an issue with his back, his blow to the nose, he knows it could have been the end of the road but he's still here. I am convinced [against Spain] Kylian will do everything, as everyone will, to give it 110%.

"He is in a new situation for him, the fact he is having to wear the mask which means he has a field of vision that is different.

"This was a huge shock to him and it is something he had to get used to with the bruise as well. The swelling has gone down but with each day he is getting stronger. He is going to have to get used to it for weeks or months."

Mbappe himself has openly discussed the difficulties of adapting to playing with a mask, highlighting the discomfort it brings.

Despite these challenges, his commitment to the team's cause remains unwavering, as France prepares for a crucial semi-final showdown against Spain on Tuesday.

Midfielder Adrien Rabiot has also been a pillar of support, not only for Mbappe but also for fellow teammate Antoine Griezmann, whose partnership with Mbappe has been instrumental in France's attacking prowess. 

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