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Cancelo hits back at Man City's Pep Guardiola: 'Lies were told!'

In a recent interview, Joao Cancelo launched a scathing attack on Pep Guardiola and his former club Manchester City, accusing the manager of "telling lies".

The explosive rant comes in response to claims made by Guardiola regarding Cancelo's departure from City. Guardiola had suggested that Cancelo was allowed to leave due to his reaction to being dropped from the squad.

Cancelo, who initially joined Bayern Munich on loan before moving to Barcelona in the summer, where he has made 32 appearances, expressed his frustration with City's attitude and Guardiola's remarks. 

However, he clarified that he harbours no ill feelings about missing out on City's treble victory last season.

Asked if he expected two successive loans, Cancelo told A Bola: "No, I really didn't think so, but I live my life by the moment. 

"Certain things dictated that I was loaned last year to Bayern Munich. I have no regrets, even if City won the Champions League. 

"I feel like I made the right choice, that I went to a club that really wanted me, even before renewing my contract. 

"It was a club that gave me a lot in the six months I was there. I dealt with great players and the club is spectacular. Then I came here, lowered my salary and I'm not bothered by it in the slightest. This was the third time I was about to come to Barcelona and I'm finally here."

Guardiola has explained that Cancelo didn't respond well to being dropped, but the defender insists this was not the case.

"Lies were told! I've never been a bad team-mate for them and you can ask either (Nathan) Ake or Rico (Lewis). I don't have any superiority or inferiority complex towards them, but that's the manager's opinion.

"I stayed because it's not true. I think Man City were a bit ungrateful to me when they said that, because I was a very important player in the years I was there. I never failed in my commitment to the club, to the fans and I always gave everything."

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