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Bayern Munich's quest for Thomas Tuchel's successor unveiled

Bayern Munich's pursuit of Thomas Tuchel's successor is gaining traction as the club's director of sport, Max Eberl, sheds light on their search process.

In an exclusive interview with Sport BILD, Eberl disclosed that Bayern have curated a comprehensive list featuring more than just a handful of potential candidates.

"We've compiled a list with more than four names, but certainly not an exhaustive 40. Our approach is thorough; we're exploring both conventional and unconventional avenues," Eberl disclosed.

He elaborated, "Our aim is to delve deep - understanding not just the individuals but also their ethos. Preparations are meticulous; we intend to conduct preliminary assessments and conclude with in-depth discussions."

While Bayer Leverkusen's Xabi Alonso has emerged as a prominent contender, Eberl emphasized that there's no hierarchy of preferences at this stage.

"Xabi Alonso boasts a Bayern pedigree. However, I refrain from steering headlines towards a predetermined outcome. It's about his familiarity with our ethos," Eberl clarified.

Despite speculation surrounding Tuchel's potential retention, Eberl asserted that the decision to part ways was mutually agreed upon.

"The decision to part ways was made collectively, devoid of my direct involvement, contrary to reports. There was unanimity between the club and the coach," Eberl affirmed.

As Bayern prepare for the post-Tuchel era, the meticulous search for a successor underscores the club's commitment to securing a leader who embodies their ethos and vision for success.

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