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Bayern Munich's linguistic challenge with Bryan Zaragoza's adaptation

FC Bayern Munich head coach Thomas Tuchel shed light on the situation surrounding Spanish winger Bryan Zaragoza and his lack of game time.

Acquired in an unexpected move during the January transfer window due to Kingsley Coman's injury, the 22-year-old has faced a challenging integration into the team.

Tuchel pinpointed a significant hurdle in Zaragoza's journey – the language barrier. "First and foremost, there's the language barrier. It's difficult for him in English and in German. That's a basic component," Tuchel stated, emphasizing the linguistic challenges faced by the young winger. With uncertainties surrounding the duration of Coman and Serge Gnabry's absence, Tuchel stressed the importance of playing it safe.

Acknowledging the enormity of the transition for Zaragoza, Tuchel highlighted, "It was clear to me from the beginning that it would be a big step for him." Despite recognizing the player's quality, the coach admitted that the integration, particularly linguistically, is still a work in progress. "We see his quality, but also observe that - linguistically speaking - the integration isn't complete. We knew that he would need time from us," Tuchel affirmed.

Turning his attention to the Bundesliga title race, Tuchel responded to questions about Bayer Leverkusen's substantial 10-point lead, asserting, "The gap is very big. That's realistic." While acknowledging the sizeable deficit, he emphasized the team's responsibility to give their all in upcoming matches.

In team updates, Tuchel revealed the absence of several players, with Aleksander Pavlovic suspended and others, including Coman, ruled out. Leroy Sane's expected start and Mathys Tel's contract extension until 2029 emerged as key points in the press conference on Friday.

With Mainz on the horizon in a Bundesliga clash at Allianz Arena on Saturday, Bayern face not only the challenge of linguistic integration but also the reality check of a formidable title gap in the league standings.

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