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Barcelona's Ilkay Gundogan 'all good' after horror tackle in Euro 2024 opener

Germany midfielder Ilkay Gundogan has assured supporters that he is in good shape despite being on the receiving end of a dangerous tackle in the win over Scotland on Friday.

The 33-year-old caused concern among fans of both Barcelona and the German national team during Germany's Euro 2024 opener against Scotland.

Gundogan, who started the match, endured a dangerous challenge from Scotland's Ryan Porteous late in the first half.

After taking a shot at goal, Gundogan was cut down by Porteous, resulting in a penalty and a red card for the Scottish defender.

Replays of the incident highlighted the severity of the tackle, showing Gundogan's ankle twisting in a worrying manner.

Following Germany's eventual 5-1 victory, Gundogan addressed the media, and it was no surprise that his health was a primary topic of discussion.

"All good. The ligament was not affected. I've had worse!" he told the media after the game.

His comments provided relief to those concerned about his wellbeing, especially with the busy club and international schedules ahead.

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