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Atletico Madrid officially revert to old badge after fan backlash

Atletico Madrid have officially reinstated their old gold-trimmed badge, ending seven years of using an updated version introduced in 2017.

The decision, driven by a marketing strategy to streamline the crest, was met with immediate disapproval from the Colchonero supporters.

Fans passionately campaigned for the old badge's return, expressing their discontent with the new design.

Earlier this season, the club conducted a referendum to address the issue. Out of nearly 70,000 participants, an overwhelming 88.68% voted in favour of bringing back the traditional insignia.

Despite the club's warnings about the high costs involved in replacing all the updated badges, the fans' decision stood firm.

The gold trim, a distinctive feature of the old badge, has returned, much to the delight of the supporters. This change signifies more than just a logo; it represents a significant victory for fans who often feel disconnected from the decisions of their clubs.

The passionate response included fans celebrating outside the ground, highlighting the deep connection between the club and its supporters.

The merchandise boycott by fans who refused to buy items with the new badge might help mitigate the financial impact of this transition.

According to Diario AS, this move is seen as an essential step in acknowledging and respecting the voice of the fans, reaffirming their integral role in the club‘s identity.

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