Premier League winners? Champions League? Cristiano Ronaldo's possible Man Utd impact

Rarely has soccer seen such a sensational transfer story as Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Manchester United. The question is: What impact will he make?

Cristiano Ronaldo has made a sensational return to Manchester United, and it is a move that seems to have happened quickly and changed everything.

Man Utd, who were already having an eye-catching transfer window, have suddenly gone from 'could do very well' to a genuine contender for everything they contest, such is the quality of Ronaldo.

So, with that in mind, Planet Sport takes a look at how you could cash-in from Ronaldo's Manchester United return in the betting markets.

Cristiano Ronaldo to be the Premier League 2021/22 top goalscorer

Let's start with an obvious one - can Ronaldo top the Premier League goalscoring charts in 2021/22?

It's fair to say that no one would be surprised. Yes, he is 36 years old now, but he seems to be in better physical condition than most 26-year-olds.

The question is not whether Cristiano Ronaldo can score goals - we know he can and he will - it is more about whether he can score more than the rest.

With the likes of Harry Kane, Mo Salah, and Romelu Lukaku, to name but a few, the competition for the Premier League Golden Boot will be fiercer than ever.

Maybe much will depend upon whether or not Ronaldo can wrestle penalty-taking duties from compatriot Bruno Fernandes. However, he is Cristiano Ronaldo, so it's unlikely anyone is going to try to stop him.

Market specials:

Cristiano Ronaldo To Score More 2021/22 Premier League Goals Than Harry Kane

Cristiano Ronaldo To Score More 2021/22 Premier League Goals Than Mohamed Salah

Cristiano Ronaldo To Score More 2021/22 Premier League Goals Than Romelu Lukaku

Cristiano Ronaldo to score 22+ Premier League goals in 2021/22 

If you think Ronaldo will struggle to outscore an admittedly stellar array of rival attacking talent in the Premier League this season, then this one might suit you better.

Be forewarned, though, the target set here is not an easy one to match. For context, only Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah achieved this total last season, and both of them only just.

Ronaldo will be starting late as well, meaning he will have a maximum of 34 games to score 22 goals.

That is the cons list to this question, The pros list is quite short but perhaps even more compelling: He is Cristiano Ronaldo.

The last time he failed to score 22+ goals in a league season was all the way back in 2008/09 when he netted 18 times for Manchester United.

Since then the fewest league goals he has managed in a La Liga or Serie A season was the 26 he got in 2009/10 and 2017/18 - and he got those in just 29 and 27 games respectively.

Market specials

Cristiano Ronaldo to score 25+ Premier League goals in 2021/22

Cristiano Ronaldo to score 30+ Premier League goals in 2021/22

Manchester United to win the Premier League in 2021/22

It's fair to say that Manchester United haven't really looked like genuine title contenders since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, but that could very easily change this season.

Rivals and defending champions Manchester City are the favourites, but it's hard not to back any team with Cristiano Ronaldo to at least contest a title race.

When you add in the Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane signings too, the Red Devils appear as equipped as anyone to top the table come May.

It's not just about the Manchester clubs, of course. Chelsea are looking imperious already - both on paper and on the grass - and Jurgen Klopp's relentless Liverpool machine will not be easily beaten.

However, to say that Cristiano Ronaldo is a statement signing for Man Utd would be putting it mildly.

Man Utd to win the 2021/22 Champions League

Again, since the end of the Sir Alex Ferguson era, Man Utd have very much become part of the supporting cast in the Champions League rather than true contenders.

In fact, they have almost become my synonymous with the Europa League than the Champions League in recent times.

Cristiano Ronaldo has not come back to Manchester to play Europa League soccer, though. He is probably the greatest ever player in the Champions League and he will demand the Red Devils begin to match his standards.

Paris Saint-Germain are currently leading the markets, and it's easy to see why with Lionel Messi there now. Although, that might again motivate Ronaldo further given their historic and iconic rivalry.

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