Highlighting the best and worst MLS jerseys for 2021

CF Montreal try hard and fail, while Inter Miami simply can't be bothered and Austin FC make a confident start.

We love a kit launch at Planet Sport but MLS jerseys have often left a lot to be desired.

Bland adidas-templated designs and a surfeit of white away kits add to the general feeling that a massive marketing opportunity is being missed.

However, 2021 promises to buck the trend with a Jimi Hendrix-inspired away kit at Seattle, a fan-designed uniform at Philadelphia Union and expansion team Austin FC entering the league with a bold new colourway.

There's still plenty for fans of white uniforms to enjoy, though.

So ahead of the MLS kick off on Saturday, we bring you Planet Sport's MLS kits rundown, starting from the very worst (spoiler alert, it's CF Montreal) and rising through the play-off contenders to the MLS Cup winners.

27. CF Montreal

The rebrand hasn't gone well so it was perhaps expecting a bit too much for the jersey to come through for them. It never stood a chance though, not with a sponsorship logo which makes the wearer look like they're hazardous waste.

26. Houston Dynamo

A Sunday League kit if ever there was one. If you order before the end of the month you receive a free set of training bibs.

25. Columbus Crew SC

Have they not learned anything from Manchester United? Or maybe they are just pinning their faith in fans not being allowed into stadiums any time soon.

24. New York Red Bulls

Looking to take advantage of the success of The Queen's Gambit, RBNY have released a jersey with a fading checkerboard pattern. It's a *checks chess glossary* blunder. 

23. LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy Home Shirt 2020

If my National Diploma in Art and Design taught me anything, it's that you should always wash out your paint palette straight after use. Oh, and that you should always commit to what you are doing. Looking at this effort, LA Galaxy failed on both counts.

22. New England Revolution

Just stop with the streaky paint effect.

21. Inter Miami

But make some effort. You're co-owned by style icon David Beckham for goodness sake. It's as though somebody accidentally deleted the design off the template, refused to admit their mistake and just brazened it out. We should be thankful it actually has a badge on I guess.

20. Nashville SC

Nashville very much channelling an Oxford United vibe. 

19. Minnesota United FC

This kit was the result of the more than a year and half of collaboration between the club, adidas and Major League Soccer. A. Year. And. A. Half. 

18. San Jose Earthquakes

Only comes much higher than Houston's similarly uninspiring effort because it's not orange.

17. Real Salt Lake

It's a kit as unique as Utah, apparently. Yet I'm sure I've seen exactly the same design on one of Hugh Hefner's smoking jackets. 

16. New York City FC

The kit design features the club’s iconic blue colourway with a tonal striped pattern inspired by the different uniforms of New York City's municipal workers. The white trim details give a nostalgic nod to NYCFC’s very first jersey design from 2015, but takes on a modern, contemporary design. An adaptation of the New York City flag is emblazoned above the player nameplate serving as a proud declaration that the club represents a community of strong and resilient New Yorkers.

Or, looks very much like Manchester City's kit but with a ridiculously wide collar.

15. Seattle Sounders FC

It's Rave Green which just goes to show we've now got too many colours.

14. DC United

It's meh isn't it? Quite frankly a lot of these in mid-table are. Am now thinking we should have just done the five best and five worst.

13. Colorado Rapids

Am getting kit blindness now. This seems a lot like the last one.

12. Chicago Fire

It's alright I suppose, helped by a decent sponsor. I quite like their away kit

11. Atlanta United FC

It had quite the launch and it is a departure from their usual stripes so fair play to them on that front. However, whether the 'Five Stripes' will now be know as the 'Five Lines' remains to be seen. Interestingly, Atlanta are the only team in MLS to have a third strip this year.

10. Portland Timbers

According to Timbers it is "a modern take on the club's inaugural MLS home shirt" which makes it sound as though the club joined the league in 1911 not 2011. 

9. Toronto FC

I'm a fan of the design but it's marked down for the collar slogan. "Club. City. House. Supporter." All the hallmarks of a brainstoming meeting from The Apprentice.

8. FC Dallas

Another kit that's alright, with a nice combination of colours. However, these paint strokes are making an appearance again.

7. Orlando City SC

A gradient design that actually works well. Am discovering it's much harder to write about the kits you like.

6. Philadelphia Union

Classy. The navy and gold works well as do the contrasting shoulder panels. Would be even higher if it wasn't for having BIMBO plastered across the front.

5. FC Cincinnati

Another kit that uses contrasting colours well. And a little bit of a nod to the 1980s with the pintstripes. What's not to like?

4. Sporting Kansas City

You can't go wrong with hoops. And the simplistic collar helps preserve the sharp look. Again they've gone for a collar inscription but at least “Two States, One City, One Club” makes a lot more sense than Toronto's effort.

3. Los Angeles FC

This is sharp isn't it? OK, it's a bit like last year's and the year before that's but if it aint broke don't fix it. And this shirt certainly isn't broke. Though it does Flex (no? ok).

2. Austin FC

Austin come straight out of the gate with this bold number. Classic stripes and a cool sponsor. Even the only man to ever wear a soccer jersey over a polo neck top can't detract from its beauty. Another team who score highly on the away shirt front, too.

1. Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Yes, it's white. But look at it. It's perfect. Modern with a hint of retro. We're all Vancouver Whitecaps fans now. 

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