The funny and the nasty: Roy Keane’s ten best punditry moments

A legend on the pitch is quickly becoming a legend behind the microphone. Whether it's praise or criticism, Keane never fails to entertain.

Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane was renowned for his aggressive style of play as well as his knack for getting into arguments, something he has carried into his media career.

During ITV's recent coverage of England vs Czech Republic in Euro 2020, Keane reminded us all of his quick wit and spiky personality when discussing Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell's absence.

Following England's match with Scotland last week, both Mount and Chilwell were spotted speaking to Scotland and Chelsea midfielder Billy Gilmour who has since tested positive for COVID-19.

Because of their widely broadcast interaction with Gilmour, both Mount and Chilwell have since had to isolate, meaning they were absent for the match against Czech Republic.

It was rumoured the trio were chatting for over 20 minutes - something Keane simply couldn't get his head around.

It's not the first time Keane has gone viral for his outspoken views and it certainly won't be the last. From passionate rants to special bonds, here's Planet Sport's look at some of Roy Keane's best punditry moments.

'Burst onto the scene'

Keane has formed something of a special bond with fellow ex-professional and former Manchester City rival, Micah Richards.

The two have provided some laugh-out-loud moments with Richards managing to bring out the hardman's humorous side on multiple occasions.

One of the standout moments for the double act was during a conversation about emerging Scottish midfielder Billy Gilmour's impressive start to his Chelsea career.

Richards was asked about his time as an 18-year-old at Manchester City, to which he replied: "I burst onto the scene didn't I?"

Keane was clearly in a playful mood, smirking throughout Richards' recollections before questioning the latter's supposed sudden stardom by saying: "Did you burst onto the scene? Very few defenders burst onto the scene."

The comments sent the rest of the studio into laughter as Richards was forced onto the defensive by Keane's cheeky provocation.

'Big Problem Pogba'

One of Keane's more passionate rants about his ex-club, Manchester United, came after a humiliating defeat to Everton.

Everton ran out 4-0 winners against a woeful United side. After the game, Paul Pogba was interviewed, calling the performance "disrespectful". Pogba's comments didn't sit too well with Keane as he later ranted:

"I wouldn't believe a word he says. There's no meaning behind it. I don't even think he believed what he was saying there.

"He talks about being a good team-mate - if you're going to be a good team-mate then you need to run back when you're defending.

"He said it got a bit heated after the game against Everton - I heard they were actually throwing their hair gel at each other!

"The guy's a talented boy but we're saying the same things over and over again. The number of times I've seen him in games where he's not sprinting back or running back…

"He's talking about body language - he was throwing his arms up in the air. He's a big problem."

'Silly hats'

Modern-day players' habits and lifestyles are clearly a source of frustration for Keane. This has never been as evident as before Manchester United's trip to Anfield.

Keane was full of confidence for United's chances ahead of the clash, but that quickly evaporated when he saw Luke Shaw warming up. With a hat on.

"When I see Shaw coming back into the team… the nearer we're getting to kick-off, the more worried I'm getting,"

"I was fine about two hours ago.

"But when I see the players getting warmed up in silly hats…"

'Dumb and dumber'

One of Keane's most famous punditry moments came after Liverpool beat Spurs in the Premier League at Anfield.

Liverpool showed their class and special mention was given to their full-backs. However, the full-back pairing of Tottenham were on the receiving end of one of Keane's most brutal comments to date.

When asked about the comparison, Keane stated:

"The two Tottenham full-backs. Dreadful.

"Dumb and dumber I'd call them.

"I thought they were really poor, you cannot compare them to the two Liverpool lads who were absolutely fantastic.

"I thought they were a joke, really abysmal."

'Daughter stronger than Lallana'

During the build-up for a Premier League match between Chelsea and Everton, Billy Gilmour was once again the subject of the conversation.

Keane was impressed with the Chelsea star's performance in a recent win over Liverpool in the FA Cup.

This praise came at a cost towards a member of the Liverpool squad, however, as Keane felt that Everton would provide a stronger contest. Keane stated:

"I think Everton in a strange way will be a tougher test than the Liverpool game, because I think Lallana was in midfield the other night for Liverpool. I know my daughter's probably stronger than him."

'Wouldn't let them back on the bus'

During Manchester United's first game back after lockdown regulations were eased, Keane had months' worth of frustration to get off his chest. And two United players were on the receiving end.

United were 1-0 down at half-time and Keane was far from impressed with his side's performance. In particular, David De Gea and Harry Maguire, whom Keane felt were at fault for the goal. When asked on his thoughts at half-time Keane stated:

"I'm fuming watching this. I can't believe Manchester United, I can't believe Luke Shaw heading the ball and running forward.

"I am staggered at Maguire, staggered that an international player can just get done by this.

"I am sick to death of this goalkeeper. I'd be fighting him at half-time. I'd be swinging punches at that guy.

"It's a standard save for an established international goalkeeper. I am flabbergasted.

"Maguire and De Gea… I wouldn't even let them on the bus after the match. Get a taxi back to Manchester.

"Shocking! Maguire, I am disgusted with him and De Gea. You should hang your heads in shame."

'Wouldn't watch Liverpool if they were in my back garden'

Another one of Keane's most famous comments came in 2017 after Liverpool beat Maribor in a UEFA Champions League group stage game.

Despite comfortably winning the match, Keane was not so sure about their direction as a club and style of play, stating after the game:

"It's hard to get excited about them. To me, they are going nowhere fast.

"They're neat and tidy, but defensively… Come the end of the season when the prizes are being given out, Liverpool will be nowhere near them.

"If Liverpool were playing out in my back garden, I wouldn't watch them. They're just drifting. Drifting nowhere."

It's safe to say that Keane had got it wrong on this occasion.

'As a player or a manager you'd kill him'

A recurring theme during Keane's punditry has been his criticism of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea.

This was on show once again during United's 1-1 Premier League draw with Everton.

Keane was particularly furious with De Gea for his shocking mistake in the first few minutes of the game which gifted Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin the opener.

During a passionate rant against the goalkeeper's actions where he labelled the Spaniard as "arrogant", Keane would also state:

"As a manager or a player, oh you kill him, you'd kill him."

Slating hugging before a game

Ahead of Liverpool's hugely anticipated match-up with Manchester United, Keane was again spitting feathers before the game had even started.

As the players lined up inside of the tunnel before kick off, Keane was not too happy with how the players were greeting each other, or that they were even greeting each other at all.

Keane, clearly bothered by the actions, snapped by saying:

"You're going to war. Hugging and kissing, don't even look at them. You're going to battle against them.

"The game hasn't changed that much, the players have. Maybe chat to them after the game. Actually, don't even chat to them after the game."

'Most overrated player on the planet'

Another one of Keane's more controversial comments was targeted towards then England and Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere.

In a shock result, Swedish side Ostersunds FK had beaten Arsenal in a Europa League tie, and Wilshere was at the wrong end of Keane's brutal assessment.

Wilshere, who had captained his side during the defeat, was described by Keane as "the most overrated player on the planet".

Just a few weeks later, Keane was revisiting his comments towards Wilshere. He stated:

"Listen, maybe people think I have been harsh on him, but I have never been a big fan.

"For an attacking player, he doesn't get enough goals, he doesn't get enough assists.

"The guy's career is drifting. As bad as Arsenal were, he was really bad.

"Has he been offered a contract? If I was him I'd sign it quickly because if he thinks he is going to be getting big offers in the summer I'd be surprised."

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