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From Hot! to What? We rate the best and worst shirts of 2021/22

Inter Milan and Barcelona may be among Europe's elite but when it comes to kit design they are lagging way behind the likes of Hull City and Atletico Mineiro.

The good, the bad and the ugly. Not every team comes through with a winner. Lest we ever forget Hull City's 1992/93 home kit.

Here at Planet Sport we do love a good kit launch, from the cinematic masterpieces to the simple 'oh yeah, this is our kit this year'.

Here are the best, worst and 'who are TeamViewer' jerseys we've seen so far.

Good: Liverpool (Away)

What a way to start off this list. Well done Liverpool.

Gorgeous. Classy. Elegant. Absolutely stunning. Instant classic. Enough said.

Bad: Barcelona (Home)

Who is this? Like seriously, who is this? Because this isn't the Barcelona look.

It's the Barcelona colours and it's Barcelona players in the kit. But that's not a Barcelona-looking shirt.

They need to stick to the vertical Barcelona blue and red stripes. Whenever they deviate, it doesn't go right.

Good: Forward Maddison FC (Beach/ Club)

You probably have never heard of Forward Maddison FC unless you have followed their history of very out-there kits.

The USL League One team have become known for their unique alternate kits, and this year is no different.

For this season, they have come up with a fully reversible jersey that they have dubbed the Beach/Club kit. One side is a flamboyant pink that is beach ready, the other is a slick black with a hot pink flamingo pattern, ready for a night out.

Bad: Inter (Home)

A new-look badge that has no identity. Black and blue snakeskin shirt. Are they mad?

No grazie, Inter! No grazie!

Good: Atletico Mineiro (2021 special)

Atletico Mineiro wanted a design that celebrated the team's 113 years of existence and turned to their supporters for help, resulting in this beauty.

This is, quite honestly, the best kit we have ever witnessed. We are not exaggerating.

Bad: Greuther Furth (Home)

Why are there weird, poorly drawn green bats all over this?

Not a good start for the newly-promoted Bundesliga side.

Good: Southampton (Home & third)

Saints' new kit supplier, Hummel, decided to go with a DNA theme, taking aspects of the club's history and what makes them Southampton to come up with these kits.

Hummel has become shirt manufacturer for a number of clubs this season and what they are putting out this year is straight out of top bins.

Shoutout to Everton and Coventry City for their Hummel-made new drops too.

Bad: Chelsea (Home)

There's a reason why Chelsea didn't wear this in the Champions League final, and it's not just because they had already suffered an FA Cup final defeat in it.

Good: Hull City (Away)

Unbelievably nice kit from the Tigers. Whoever designed this deserves the biggest of raises.

Only the Atletico Mineiro shirt has had as much universal love as Hull have had for this cracking piece of kit.

Bad: Preston North End (Away)

The green and yellow combo just doesn't work. It doesn't work for Norwich, it didn't work for Manchester United in 1993, and it certainly doesn't work for Preston North End.

Good and bad: Manchester United (Home)

Paying homage to their past, you get real prime George Best vibes from this one. Manchester United have done right.

For the most part.

We just can't get past their new TeamViewer sponsor. It's putting us right off. It's not even that big or bad-looking. It just doesn't seem right on it. Sharp would look, er, far sharper.

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