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Which Premier League teams will qualify for Champions League in 2024/25?

Domestically and worldwide, UEFA Champions League is one of the most followed and highly anticipated sports events every year.

Of course, it is unavoidable that every year there are fan favorite teams anticipated and even predicted to dominate the league and the most notable ones are those coming from the English Premier League.

The EPL teams are considered to be among the most competitive and popular leagues globally boasting a rich history of success in most European football competitions.

Additionally, English football teams have already made a strong mark in the UEFA Champions League, with several teams consistently qualifying for the tournament every season.

While most fans and experts usually root for the usual powerhouse team qualifiers such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United, they can be unpredictable at times especially with the recent expansion from 32 to 36 qualifying teams.

As such, it is in this article that we will try to predict which EPL teams will qualify for the Champions League in the next season.


Aston Villa

In English football, few stories are as captivating as the rise of Aston Villa in their quest for Champions League qualification.

Historically known to be a powerhouse in English football, Aston Villa is the oldest team and has the most captivating experience of a rollercoaster journey of moments of glory to periods of struggle.

Interestingly, recent developments suggest that the ‘Lions’ may be on the brink of a remarkable achievement – winning the UEFA Champions League.

A true testament to this is their performance in the recent seasons. Accordingly, experts also agree that they have definitely undergone a comeback and are now ready to compete.

The Aston Villa Lions have made their comeback proving that they are more than capable to compete and win as an English Premier League.

Although Manchester City and Arsenal are two of the most usual betting favorites among fans in the best Sports betting sites, this may be the best time for football fans to take a chance and choose Aston Villa for this season.

With the right betting site featuring just the appropriate betting options and excellent live sports wagering features, rooting for Aston Villa among friends and family might be one of the greatest things to do during the championship.


Manchester City

Manchester City football team’s rise not only locally but also in the entire European continent is definitely a remarkable feat.

The team has established and proven their grit and worth amongst the football fans that they are a force to be reckoned with and a consistent top team in Europe by winning multiple Premier League titles. Most importantly, they are a football team known to consistently qualify for the Champions League.

In this 2024-25 season, the team and its manager, Manchester City is highly anticipated to compete with the other top-tier football teams in Europe. Guided by the brilliant team supervision of Pep Guardiola, Manchester City is known to be consistent in displaying dominance both domestically and in Europe.

Accordingly, if all goes well and Haaland plays and gets along well with his team this season then their chances of winning the Champions League increases.



Another football team predicted to win the Champions League is Arsenal.

The Arsenal football team has a proud history in European competitions despite having limited success in the Champions League. The ‘Gunners’ consistently qualify for the tournament but have always struggled to advance beyond the latter stages in recent years. Moreover, even some fans are starting to doubt their performance this season.

Nevertheless, Arsenal fans remain steadfast to their belief that the team is a formidable opponent for any team vying to win the competition.



Completing the list of qualifying teams, Liverpool is an English Premier League team predicted to qualify and win the Champions League 2024-25.

Liverpool is reputedly known to be one of the best teams. They have triumphed the Champions League 6 times with their most recent one during the Champions League 2018-19 season.

Liverpool, known for their attacking style of football play, is deemed to be a consistent presence in the Champions League and is usually among the favorites to successfully and proudly win the trophy.

However, for this season, the Reds fans are nervous as the team now has a new manager replacing Klopp. As such, a bigger burden is now passed onto the new manager to make it work.

Nevertheless, the team’s fans remain steadfast to their belief that with the team’s remarkable resilience and firepower, Liverpool will be a strong contender at the Champions League.


English clubs to challenge

With these enumerated English Premier League teams qualifying for the 2024-25 season, any of these teams are highly vetted to win this year’s trophy.

With their talented players and the playing strength of each team, it is no doubt that a champion will rise above all the other teams competing for this season’s Champions League. Despite the tough competition from other top European leagues, the EPL's strength will surely rise above and ensure that its clubs will definitely qualify for the Champions League.

While the dynamics of football can change rapidly especially with the newly expanded Champions League, the tradition and legacy of English clubs to power through suggest that they will definitely continue to be prominent figures not only in this season but for future seasons and years to come.

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