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  • A List Of All The Champions League Matches You Shouldn'T Miss This Year

A list of all the Champions League matches you shouldn't miss this year

Don't miss out on the magical games of the UEFA Champions League 2023 fixtures. Check out must-watch matches that promise exciting competition in Europe's top clubs.

The UEFA Champions League, often referred to as the Champions League, is a prestigious event that represents the best of European club football. 

It's a gathering of the most skilful clubs across all European competitions. In this article, we'll take you through the must-watch football matches schedule of the 2023 UEFA Champions League.


The UEFA Champions League groups so far

The 2023/2024 UEFA Champions League group stage has lived up to its reputation as one of the most thrilling tournaments in football.

Key moments that have left fans in awe include the showdown between AC Milan and PSG. This match featured a clash of attacking titans, resulting in a thrilling 3-3 draw.

The exquisite football displayed by both teams left fans on the edge of their seats.

Arsenal's resurgence was another highlight. They secured an impressive 4-0 victory against PSV Eindhoven, as seen in the Champions League live score.

This victory is why many heated discussions have started about Arsenal's potential in the competition.

Currently, Bayern Munich and Man City lead their respective groups with flawless records, underlining their status as tournament favorites. Bayern's attacking power has been remarkable, while Man City's Álvarez sets the stage on fire.

The group stage has also witnessed some underdog success stories. Feyenoord, a team not considered a favourite, currently leads Group E. With many group-stage Champions League matches still lined up for this year, we expect a pretty entertaining run!


Must-watch UCL matches this year

AC Milan vs. PSG - Tuesday, 7th November:

This match is a heavyweight clash. AC Milan is historically one of Italy's greatest teams and squares off against PSG, which also represents the powerhouse of French football.

The competitiveness of this encounter lies in the rich history and ambition of both clubs. AC Milan would want to dominate with Giroud at the forefront of its attack, while Mbappe would be giving their defence a tough time as well.

Milan boasts seven UEFA Champions League titles so far, which is impressive. Meanwhile, PSG is eager to make their mark on the European stage by claiming the league as well.

In the group stage, these two teams played out a goalless draw already, so their next game would be interesting. We expect no lack of competitiveness when they eventually meet this November.

As earlier mentioned, both teams have attacking firepower. AC Milan has Olivia Giroud, who is in excellent form, and PSG has Kylian Mbappé, a player who needs no introduction. This promises multiple goals and an exciting match.

Key Stats:
Milan's defensive prowess: They've conceded only 3 goals in 3 matches.

PSG's attacking flair: They've scored 8 goals, indicating their potential to break Milan's defence.


Arsenal vs. Sevilla - Wednesday, 8th November

Arsenal's fluid football against Sevilla's rock-solid defence will be an intriguing game to watch; we don't want you to miss this! Arsenal's current form is known for its attacking prowess, and it's facing Sevilla, a side renowned for their organization and defensive stability.

Sevilla has a rich history in the UEFA Europa League but has yet to clinch a Champions League title.

Meanwhile, Arsenal, who hasn't been in the Champions League winners' circle recently, is determined to prove themselves this season after a long absence from the tournament.

The last encounter in the group stage saw Arsenal win 2-1, and we wouldn't be surprised if they don't again. This match promises to be a tactical battle.

We expect Arsenal to rely on their attacking trio of Saka, Odegaard, and Martinelli, while Sevilla will likely be disciplined in defence.

Key Stats:
Arsenal has scored 7 goals in 3 matches.
Sevilla has conceded just 2 goals, which highlights their strong backline.


AC Milan vs Borussia Dortmund - Tuesday, 28th November:

Another must-watch game on this list would be the AC Milan face-off against Borussia Dortmund. This game would most likely be a decisive match in Group F since both teams have high aspirations in this year's Champions League.

The most recent H2H ended in a goalless draw.

Recall that AC Milan has kept a consistent appearance in European competitions but hasn't clinched the title in a while. Borussia Dortmund, on the other hand, is known for its attacking style of play and would definitely not make things easy.

Key Stats:
Milan's resilience: They've conceded just 2 goals in 3 matches.
Dortmund's attacking might: They've scored 4 goals, so they won't find it hard to find the back of the net.


PSG vs Newcastle - Tuesday, 28th November:

This is another match that has some historical significance. PSG, with its financial backing and ambition, faces Newcastle, who are on an upward trajectory in English and European football.

They are funded by Arab money, so it would be interesting to see which Arab brothers triumph. PSG is a team that aims for nothing less than the Champions League title, but Newcastle won't be messing around either.

During their previous encounter in this group stage, PSG emerged victorious with a 3-0 win.

The match was tough and exciting to watch. Hence, we expect another intense encounter because Newcastle would fight tooth and nail to solidify their qualifications from the group stage with this match.


Barcelona vs. FC Porto - Tuesday, 28th November:

The former champions, Barcelona, against the Portuguese giants, FC Porto. Barcelona, a team reputable for its success in the Champions League, faces a formidable opponent in FC Porto, who clinched the title in 2004.

In the previous H2H in the group stage, Barcelona narrowly won 2-1. This upcoming one would be defined as a fascinating duel as well, with Barcelona's young talents against FC Porto's experience.


Sevilla vs. PSV Eindhoven - Wednesday, 29th November:

Sevilla and PSV Eindhoven are both known for their attractive, attacking football. This encounter promises an open, high-scoring game.

In their previous meeting in the group stage, they played out an entertaining 1-1 draw. This tie has all the makings of a goal-fest, with both teams aiming to secure their spot in the knockout stages.


Real Madrid vs. Napoli - Wednesday, 29th November:

Real Madrid, the record Champions League winners, take on Napoli in a crucial Group C Champions League schedule. This clash is intriguing due to the footballing history of Real Madrid and the rising potential of Napoli.

In their previous encounter, Real Madrid edged Napoli 2-1. Expect both teams to play attacking football.

Key Stats:
Real Madrid's goal-scoring prowess: They've scored 7 goals in 3 matches.
Napoli's attacking flair: They've also netted 6 times.


Manchester United vs Bayern Munich - Tuesday, 12th December:

It's a classic clash between two giants. Manchester United, a team with a rich history in European competitions, takes on Bayern Munich, another club with a decorated history.

Bayern Munich's attacking prowess against Manchester United's midfield of Bruno Fernandes and Casemiro is the central storyline here. In their previous group-stage encounter, Bayern Munich won 4-3, setting the stage for a heated rematch.

Key Stats:
Manchester United has conceded just 3 goals in 3 matches.
Bayern Munich's goal-scoring ability: They've netted 9 times, showing how lethal their attack can be.


Inter Milan vs Real Sociedad - Tuesday, 12th December:

Inter Milan and Real Sociedad will also lock horns in a battle to secure a knockout stage spot before the end of this year. Both teams have had a different campaign, but Inter Milan won the group-stage encounter 2-1.

In this match, the Real Sociedad's attacking style would face Inter's offensive and defensive solidity.


Borussia Dortmund vs. PSG - Wednesday, 13th December:

The clash of the titans in Group F. Borussia Dortmund's attacking flair versus PSG's attacking brilliance. In their previous encounter, they played out a goalless draw.

This sets up the match as a battle for supremacy in the group. With stars like Karim Adeyemi, Ousmane Dembele, and Mbappé on the pitch, expect goals and thrilling football.



The UEFA Champions League remains the ultimate proving ground in club football. Every game is a story, and each goal is a chapter.

This piece contains the most interesting games you can look forward to this year as a UCL enthusiast.

In all you do, stay glued to your football live score app and don't miss out on these spectacular football matches as the year ends.

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