Q School: Adam Duffy ‘very proud’ after sealing his return to snooker’s pro tour with ‘horrible’ win

Adam Duffy secured his return to the professional circuit following a dramatic victory in the second event of Q School.

It's been five years since Duffy was last on the pro tour, and the Englishman is thrilled to have sealed his return. However, the 33-year-old admitted his 4-3 victory over close friend Daniel Wells was 'horrible'. 

Neither man managed to make a 50+ break in what proved to be a tense and dramatic encounter in Sheffield.

Duffy found himself 3-2 down heading into the final stage of the contest, but produced several impressive safety shots to sneak his way to victory.

After the match, the former world number 56 told Planet Sport: "Absolutely horrible to play in. Really felt for Daniel, a true friend on mine.

"It was just very very hard to play against Danny. It just wasn't nice. It was very very edgy. I think, whoever had the most luck ended up winning. It wasn't nice."

When asked about his emotions following the win, the player said: "Very proud. I lost the fifth frame, and I was a bit gutted to lose that from my own mistake. I just thought, dig in. I know I slouched over the line in the last frame.

"I was starting to think about whether I [should] celebrate. Then I kept getting myself back down because it's snooker and anything can happen. No matter if you need four or five snookers, anything can happen."

With the standard of the game on the up, and the number of hopefuls also on the rise, Q School has proven to be a lot tougher than Duffy first thought.

He said: "I thought it was just, come here, make loads of breaks, and get through. But it's not. It's more, come here, scrap it out, and if you make 20 or 30 you've done well.

"I'm just relieved to get over. I'll have good two years on the tour now. I'll see where I can get. Hopefully I can get up in the rankings and make some money."

Duffy is now hoping to make the most of his opportunity on the pro tour, and is planning to set his focus not only on snooker, but also his lifestyle.

When asked about his plan going forward, the Sheffield-native said: "I'm going to get straight back into it. Bit of fitness… the whole package. Not just snooker. Have to focus on everything.

"Just to give myself the best chance over two years and then I can walk away and say, 'you know what, if it didn't happen after two years, you did everything right'. If I do get somewhere, it's clearly working so I'll keep it that way."

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