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Gary Wilson reaches Tour Championship quarter-finals after 'embarrassing' performance

Gary Wilson booked his place in the quarter-finals of the Tour Championship after a 10-8 victory over Mark Selby despite labelling his own performance as “embarrassing”.

Wilson sealed victory with a clearance of 105 in Manchester, but was not impressed with his overall performance.

“I don’t know how I won to be honest,” Wilson told ITV4. “I’m just thankful Mark didn’t play very well because I was embarrassing.

“The cue action wasn’t even there yesterday – it may have looked a bit better but I just felt deep down all along, I was struggling. I was hitting everything really quick and snatchy and just tried to keep plugging away.”

Reminded that he had made breaks of 95, 98, 78 and 101 in taking a 5-3 lead from Monday’s opening session and must therefore have been cueing well, Wilson replied: “Incorrect.

“I was not cueing very well at all but I can score when I’m not cueing well. That was feeling really bad and it was feeling even worse today and that’s why I missed so many easy balls, gave him so many chances and lifelines.

“Really, if I’d been playing decent and Mark had played as bad as he did there, I should have won that 10-3, 10-4. It was that bad it became really close and I’m just thankful he didn’t play very well either.

“I’m not enjoying it but we go again on Thursday (against Zhang Anda) and I’m just hoping I can find something between now and then.”


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