The rising cost of tickets and its impact on fans

It is undeniable that watching a live sports game is like a dream come true for an average sports fan.

However, with more and more increases in the prices of tickets, it can be said that these events are becoming less accessible to the average sports fan.

If the ticket prices of events like the Men’s Wimbledon Final and Eurovision 2023 are considered, they were way more expensive in comparison to the prices of previous years.

According to ExpressVPN, the prices are also experiencing a major hike in their resale value.

This simply means people buy tickets from official websites and resell them at increased prices to make money. This practice has become quite common for major concerts and events, affecting fans extensively.

What is ticket scalping

Ticket Scalping refers to the act of reselling tickets to major sports events or concerts. However, the practice is considered illegal in some places because most websites buy tickets in bulk and then resell them at a higher price.

It is understandable to increase the prices of tickets when reselling, but the resale value of certain sports events has a hike of 200-300% compared to the original ticket pricing.

How ticket scalping affects fans

Ticket scalping can be problematic for fans in multiple ways. The first and foremost issue due to ticket scalping is that it becomes difficult for fans to get tickets from official websites.

The study revealed that the lowest resale price for a Men’s Wimbledon ticket was over £5000, which is over a 2000% increase. Later fans have to look through shady and unsafe websites in an attempt to get a resale ticket.

However, sometimes fans also get scammed by these websites, as some of these websites do not have the tickets to sell to anyone.

If you want to get tickets to a certain sports event, here are some things you should know. These precautionary measures will help you buy tickets for any sports events from official sites.

Tips for buying tickets online

There are many ways to ensure that you can buy tickets from the official websites. Some event organizers avoid the reselling of tickets by ensuring that photo IDs are included on the ticket.

Additionally, many event organizers have started to decrease ticket prices so that other websites cannot increase the resale price of tickets.

Other than the precautions event organizers take, fans can get tickets to sports events with the help of official websites.

If you want to get tickets to the events, simply keep the website open on multiple websites so that you can at least access the website on one device as soon as the tickets go live.

Fans can also sign-up for pre-sale events so that they can get notified about any changes in the ticket releasing schedule.


Even though there are certain rules regarding reselling of tickets, these rules are not very strictly implemented.

Event organizers also try to restrict the resale prices of tickets so that people can buy tickets at a considerably lower price.

Despite these measures being taken, it is becoming more and more problematic for sports fans to get access to their favorite sports events at a reasonable price.

Fans need to do proper research and use multiple devices to buy tickets from legitimate websites. Multiple similar ways can help sports fan in saving money.

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