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  • World Pool Masters: Joshua Filler Enjoys Moment Of Redemption Over Rival Eklent Kaci

World Pool Masters: Joshua Filler enjoys moment of redemption over rival Eklent Kaci

Former World Pool Masters champion Joshua Filler claimed his revenge over Eklent Kaci in the opening round of the 2024 edition of the event at Halle39 in Hildesheim, Germany.

The stakes were high for Filler as he entered this year’s event, following his early exit from last year’s World Pool Masters and his defeat to Kaçi in the final of the 2023 UK Open.

Kaci initially seized the lead in the opening racks, capitalising on Filler’s struggles with his long shots. However, the advantage was short-lived as the two players engaged in a back-and-forth battle.

The momentum shifted when the score reached 6-6 in rack 12, with Filler showcasing his skill by strategically hooking Kaci behind the 6 ball. In an attempt to regain control, Kaci scratched the 3 ball, leading to Killer Filler dominating the final rounds and securing victory.

This win marked Filler’s much-needed redemption, dashing Kaci’s hopes of a comeback and propelling Filler closer to his second World Pool Masters title.

Speaking after his win, Filler said: “The only thing that stays in my mind is the way I started; I couldn’t find a pocket. But I waited for my chances and luckily in the end it turned around. I started feeling good and I could feel the table better.”

The excitement of round one continued with the battle of the Austrians. Living up to his nickname "Smooth Operator" Albin Ouschan demonstrated impeccable composure on the grey cloth as he navigated through the racks.

However, at 7-0, Max Lechner secured his first rack after executing a trap that not only caused Albin to foul but also set up Lechner for a 1-9 combo to clinch the rack.

Max continued to showcase his prowess with combinations, executing a 2-8-9 combo to win rack 13.

Despite his efforts, Lechner faltered at rack 14, failing to pot the 3 ball and allowing Albin to secure victory in the race to 9.

The evening session concluded with a commanding performance from the 2023 Hanoi Open champion, Jason Shaw, who faced off against the Singaporean cueist, Aloysius Yapp.

Although Yapp secured the first rack, a scratch in the second rack opened the door for Shaw to take control, winning nine consecutive racks.

The precision of ‘Eagle Eye’ Shaw was evident throughout his dominant display, showcasing an exceptional jump kick shot on the 4 ball in rack 3, followed by the tournament's first golden break in rack 6, and a flawless 3-9 combo to reach the hill.

Shaw's stellar performance reached its pinnacle in a resounding 9-1 victory, bringing the evening session to a thrilling close.

Fan can follow the event live on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland, DAZN in the USA, Spain, Italy, and Brazil as well as on Viaplay in the Netherlands, Poland, Scandinavia and the Baltics.

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