Ronnie O'Sullivan says snooker is simply 'a hobby' after Welsh Open win

The Rocket secured a 4-0 win over James Cahill at the Welsh Open, and soon after admitted he views snooker as a hobby.

O'Sullivan fell to a 10-9 defeat in the European Masters last week, as China's Fan Zhengyi picked up his first ranking title of his career.

But the 46-year-old swiftly returned to action, taking part in the Welsh Open on Tuesday and securing a comfortable 4-0 win over Englishman James Cahill.

Three half-century breaks helped the legendary snooker player into the last 64 of the tournament, where he'll face Belgium's Lukas Kleckers.

Just last week, during O'Sullivan's run in the European Masters, he openly expressed he was suffering from "snooker depression" following matches.

Now, after his latest win, O'Sullivan has reiterated that he currently shares a distant relationship to the sport at the moment.

"No matter what you do it's just a business and I just look at what's best for me," said O'Sullivan.

"If somebody rang me up next week and said: 'look we've got a great job for you, it clashes with the World Championship, but it's a better offer,' I'd go.

"At the moment I play when I want, don't play when I don't want to play, and it's great.

"It's more of a hobby, but a serious hobby. I just make a decision on each tournament and each proposal."

The World Championships are currently scheduled to start on April 16, and while O'Sullivan's comments don't rule him out of competing, it also won't leave fans confident that he'll feature.

The six-time world champion added, "I'm just all about business now and that's how it's been the last seven or eight years," O'Sullivan said.

"No matter what it is, I look at it as a proposal. Is it something I want to do? And make a decision on it.

"My time is very, very valuable and I want to feel valued for my time.

"So as long as I'm feeling valued in what I'm doing and I don't feel like I'm wasting my time, then I'd be anywhere, I don't really care."

O'Sullivan is expected back in action on Wednesday at 14:00 GMT, when he takes on Kleckers for a space in the last 32.

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