Our guide to finding the best betting sites Ireland 2023

With phrases like “luck of the Irish” and popular slot themes focusing on the Emerald Isle, there are dozens of excellent betting sites for Irish gamblers to choose from.

Despite the relatively small size of Ireland compared to some of the other large economies in Europe, there’s a flourishing gambling industry and a desire to continue innovating, which fuels the consistent stream of new online betting companies setting up shop in Ireland.

Finding the best betting sites Ireland offers isn’t specific to the country itself.

The gambling laws and industry operate in Ireland similarly to how they work in the neighboring United Kingdom, as well as in many countries in mainland Europe and across the Western hemisphere.

By applying a handful of simple steps to how you approach finding the best betting site, you should be able to settle on a provider that suits your preference.

Sports or casino betting?

Betting sites broadly fit into two categories online. Although there’s been a sharp rise in the number of people gambling on minigames and other non-traditional markets, casino gaming and sports betting dominate the global gambling landscape.

If we look specifically at Ireland, the domestic market is the same. Sports such as Horse Racing, Gaelic football, rugby union and soccer draw in millions of Euros worth of bets each year.

The English Premier League is the most-watched sports league in the world. Since billions of people tune in globally, the sporting league also sees the most gambling action.

Although soccer isn’t the most popular sport in Ireland, teams such as Liverpool and Manchester United have a significant following, and many Irish fans will make the short trip to England over the weekend to travel to Anfield and Old Trafford.

Top Irish soccer stars like Robbie Keane have donned the famous LFC red over the years, which has helped bolster the number of Irish people traveling to Liverpool to watch the Reds.

If you enjoy sports betting rather than casino betting, there are a handful of factors to consider.

Specifically, we’d recommend finding out which betting sites in Ireland offer the best value and plenty of betting markets for your preferred sport.

You can use comparison sites to compare the odds offered by various sites, allowing you to maximize your win if your selection is successful.

Table gaming

Irish gamblers who would rather play a game of poker or roulette won’t be stumped for choice. Most business analysts and economic experts are expecting that this sector will continue growing.

For casino gamers looking to find the best betting sites, we recommend seeking out providers with the best variety of games that you enjoy.

If you are a poker player, you can seek out websites renowned for their quality selection of tables or niche versions of poker.

Online poker and video poker are two different entities, and you can often find websites or mobile apps that can provide ample amounts of either, providing a platform where communities of Irish poker players are able to interact and build social connections while playing poker.

Slot machine gaming

Alternatively, if you’re a slot gamer, the best betting site would envelop an entirely different set of criteria. Slot gaming is now available on smartphones and mobile devices, which has added an entirely new layer to the available services.

No other casino gaming sector has been able to bolster its catalog in such a ferocious and varied fashion. Irish slot themes are one of the most popular themes around.

Other themes like Asian, fruit and 3D slot games also command a significant audience online.

The tip to find the best betting sites for slot gaming is to explore what’s available and how many options you can choose from within your favorite theme, while also considering the broader factors that apply across the entire industry, which we unpack in the next section.

Additional factors to consider

Whether you’re trying to find the best slot gaming site or the best sports betting site with the most soccer or Gaelic football markets, there are boxes that all gambling providers should tick.

Firstly, they should have a solid reputation with customers and a longstanding, reputable track record of providing quality customer service. In today’s digital age, you don’t have to look far to find online reviews, which can often paint a picture of how reliable a service is.

Secondly, exploring the payment methods on offer can save you a lot of trouble. Many of the top betting companies now offer over a dozen different ways to make a deposit on their site, ranging from credit cards to bank transfers, Apple/Google Pay, cryptocurrency and PayPal.

Another key consideration should be the license that the casino or sports betting companies hold.

A significant portion of online gambling companies will base themselves in gambling-friendly jurisdictions, such as Malta, Gibraltar or Cyprus.

However, if a gambling operator has licenses spanning several countries, this demonstrates that they have a deep-rooted connection to the industry and strong ties with regulators, so they are likely to have more reputability than a casino or sportsbook that has only recently opened.


Due to the wealth of online options, you could spend days or weeks exploring every nuance and facet of betting sites in Ireland. While it’s not a decision you should take too lightly, you shouldn’t overthink it either.

Many of the top providers operating in Ireland provide significant markets, with many crossing over and covering a wide range of sports and casino markets.

Factoring in the external factors discussed in the previous section and combining elements that allow you to quickly specify what you’re after shouldn’t be too difficult.

Despite the sheer volume of betting sites available in Ireland, applying the guidelines we have touched on today allows you to quickly narrow it down to the sites you think you’ll like the most.

Once you’ve done this, you can select the best site and place your bets.

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