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Max Whitlock says British Gymnastics is heading the right way after abuse claims

Max Whitlock says British Gymnastics is “going in the right direction” after the sports body was rocked by abuse allegations against coaches.

The Olympic gold medallist spoke about the sport after he was honoured with an OBE by the Princess Royal at Windsor Castle on Wednesday afternoon.
A damning 306-page review accused British Gymnastics of enabling a toxic culture that prioritised profit over the wellbeing of young athletes, and encouraged an era in which they were subjected to shocking levels of emotional and physical abuse.
Asked about how British Gymnastics is responding to the Whyte Review, Whitlock said: "The sport has gone through a big rough patch which was massively difficult at the time and especially difficult for those going through it."
The 29-year-old said he gives "huge credit" to those who spoke out.
He added: "To protect the future of our sport, something like that had to happen.
"British Gymnastics are responding, they are responding in a great way, they're making a lot of changes, they're bringing new people in to try and improve it for the next generation, and this generation as well.
"It was a definite indication we're going the right way when I look back at Tokyo, the Olympics - and I think every gymnast would say exactly the same thing.
"It's massively positive and when we move forwards, we want to make sure we are making these changes and continue to make the changes.
"That's the big thing, to make sure 10, 20, 30 years down the line that the younger generation coming through, everybody is having a positive experience.
"Because for me, I loved every single experience and there's no reason why it can't be the same for everybody else."

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