Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze in CS2: Review, Design, Price

Finally, something that hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world have been waiting for a long time has happened.

Valve has officially announced the release of a new version of the online shooter Counter-Strike - CS2.
Moreover, the closed beta test of the game has already started.

What to expect

If you are worried about whether your skins from the CS:GO collection will be transferred to Counter-Strike 2, then we hasten to reassure you - yes, they will be. As soon as the CS2 closed and open testing period ends, all the contents of your inventory will be added to the new version of the game. You will also have the opportunity to get new and more detailed decorative items. This is especially interesting for fans of deagle oxide blaze because of the unforgettable drawing, which will become even more elaborate.

To make the picture even better, the developers have added new visual effects to CS2. Now flashes, water vibrations, fire movement and much more will be more dynamic and enjoyable. Visible changes in the environment will allow players to quickly identify the presence of the enemy and competently plan their further actions.
Separately, it is worth mentioning that Valve paid special attention to the development of bullet hit points and the location of blood stains. The blood splatter will now follow the direction of the shot and fade over time.
It is also important that Source 2 will replace the obsolete Source and thereby greatly facilitate the developers in their task. Thanks to this, those who are engaged in the creation of skins and maps will get rid of unnecessary work and will be able to add more content to the game in a short time.

More about Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze

This skin stands out from the rest with its unforgettable pattern. One part is covered with brown paint as a background that resembles rust, and the other is covered with white paint that resembles fire. In this case, one gets the feeling that this fire is spreading through the body of the entire gun. Also, some small drawings seem to be carved on the skin.
This skin has become a cult among gamers, while the cost is quite affordable for game lovers or traders:
The developers paid a lot of attention to this skin, as if the gun had really been lying idle for a long time, and now it is being used yet covered with rust.

How can prices change?

It's no secret that the information wave about the release of CS2 excited not only the gaming community, but also ordinary fans. At the same time, it is likely that the new version of the famous shooter will attract even more new users. Therefore, in this context, we can consider the issue of rising or falling prices.
Skins have become one of the most popular trading items. There are numerous, and they differ in pattern, exterior, rarity and much more. Therefore, the demand for them will be constant, especially now many people are thinking about buying a skin in connection with the release of a new version.
It can already be assumed that the minimum price increase will be 20%, and prices for some skins have already increased. New users are expected to replenish the gaming community, who will also want to buy an interesting and popular skin. Therefore, today is a great opportunity to purchase a skin at the lowest prices, so that in the future the skin can be sold at a higher price and thus profit from rising prices.

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