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CasinoOnlineCA Scoops: Early projections for the 2024 NHL All-Star Game Rosters

The grand spectacle of the 2024 NHL All-Star Game is nearly upon us, and it will be like no other before!

Hockey buffs will be in for a treat — an All-Star Weekend melding the league's top dogs or, in this case, roosters under the same roof — Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena.

Starting Feb 1st, millions of sports fans and betting enthusiasts will follow this icy Gala. Moreover, fans get to decide 12 of the 44 participants of this redefined mega-event. The rest of the roosters are NHL officials' picks.

An All-Stars draft will help captains choose players for this A-game. In the meantime, spectators will enjoy a skills competition the day after.

Finally, the crown jewel of the NHL is scheduled for the closing night on Saturday (Feb 3rd), the 2024 All-Star Game.

With the All-Stars list fully completed, one question remains — who'll own the Maple Leafs' ice in 2024’s All-Star Game?

CasinoOnlineCA, spearheaded by industry professionals and experienced bettors, has analyzed past games, interviewed sports journalists, and summarised invaluable industry insights in our easy-to-follow expert predictions for the NHL All-Star Game.


The Roster predictions

Selecting the NHL roosters — the cream of the crop from each of the league’s divisions is a real challenge. The selection process combines player performances, input from coaches and managers, and fan votes.
Regardless of their background stats, every NHL team must have a representative in the All-Stars mix. NHL officials select 32 players. The much-debated participation model grants the All-Star access to some underserving players while leaving some deserving players behind.

However, everyone can expect a fan vote to enter the grand event as hockey die-hards choose 12 more players via online votes.

Also, each of the four divisions needs to have exactly 11 players. So, in total, the All-Star lineup features 44 players.

The composed squads will contain a mixture of positions to ensure a balanced game representation. This year’s teams will include six forwards, three defensemen, and two goalkeepers — all the pieces needed for a hockey dream team puzzle.

Unlike other years, only the 12 most deserving players will compete in six disciplines of 2024’s skill contest. The NHL will pick eight players from the All-Star crew to join the skills competition, and the last four players to hit the stage will be selected by fans. Half of these enter a final face-off, and the winner will receive $1 million.

These All-Stars Games will play out in a three-on-three format, and the four teams will play each other in pairs. So, the All-Star Game is not just about individual skills; the rooster’s selection needs to be the crew that can play cohesively and really “bring it on” game day.


Predicted rosters

The NHL rooster pics were officially announced on Jan. 4th, including 32 names — one per each team. Another 12 player pics joined them on January 13th (eight skaters and four goalies) — all of whom got the nod from the online audiences.

In the 2024 NHL All-Stars, the Pacific and Atlantic divisions have the most representatives. Team-wise, the Vancouver Cancucks lead with five players on the NHL All-Star List. One of these — the famous Auston Matthews (center), is officially one of the team captains. The NHL also chose Connor McDavid from the Edmonton Olives.

The buzz around the roster selections and the drafting build the suspense for fans worldwide, and when D-day comes, the adrenaline will be palpable across generations of hockey lovers. Sports betting adds another layer of thrill, and online casinos equally appeal to different age groups.

The combination of chance and stamina makes sports events of this magnitude a top-class entertainment.

Auston Matthews

This 26-year-old Toronto Maple Leaf's whiz is not just scoring goals; he's making it look like a breeze. He’s the top goal-scorer this season with 34 Gs on the scoreboard. He's tearing up the ice, leaving goalies in his dust.

No surprise, he's a regular All-Star pick, and rightly so. Whether you're a Leafs fan or not, you gotta admit that Matthews brings the thunder to the game. Precision, speed, and a wicked shot – he's got it all.

Regarding the All-Star game, Auston's not just a player; he's a showstopper.

Connor McDavid

McDavid is a household name in hockey, often tossed in the ring with Crosby and Gretzky. At 27, this Edmonton Oilers center's been rocking the ice since 2015, racking up over 607 games and winning two Art Ross Trophies.

He's also the Fastest Skater in the All-Star Game, owning that title in 2017/2018.

His attractive gameplay results from the deadly combo of skating agility and speedy action decisions. It’s an instinctive playmaker gifted with extraordinary speed ( measured at 35 mph) and vision that gives him the upper hand over other players.

So far, he has 58 points, 120 shots on net, and 54 hits — an absolute powerhouse on the ice.

Sidney Crosby

Being the backbone of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Crosby's been owning the ice for over 16 years, notching over 570 goals and 1,500 points for his team.

In the center position, he brought home the hardware – he's got three Stanley Cups and two Olympic gold medals, not to mention over 1200 games played in the NHL! As an All-Star, Crosby's on a whole other level with his slick moves, killer plays, and impeccable work ethic.

For fans, Crosby being an All-Star is like giving a nod to his epic impact on the game's incredible history.

This will be the sixth appearance for Mathews as the All-Star representative, but for Crosby, it’ll be the 10th time.

Nick Suzuki, who wears the C for the Montreal Canadiens, is lacing up for his third go at the All-Star Game, while Tkachuk, the big cheese for the Ottawa Senators, is gearing up for his fourth appearance on the All-Star ice.

“Brady Tkachuk's performance this season could be better All-Stars-worthy. He’s only got 31 points in 38 games, compared to his teammates Tim Stutzle with 38 PTS and Claude Giroux with 35 PTS,”  CasinoOnlineCA gambling expert James Segrest notes.

Although the draft means no division per conference this year, The Eastern Conference lineup shines with stars like Auston Matthews, Nikita Kucherov, and David Pastrnak.

At the same time, over in the Western Conference, we've got the likes of Connor McDavid, Connor Bedard, and Nathan MacKinnon. These players are gonna light up the ice at the All-Star Game.


Dark Horse candidates

When the greatest players meet up in All-Stars events, it’s always hard to speak about dark horses, which could potentially steal the show. Not many under-the-radar NHL players are participating this year, but the All-Star newbies are likely to shine bright.

Fans should keep an eye on Alexander Georgiev, the Colorado Avalanche goalie, who's making his All-Star debut with a bang. Currently leading the charts in Wins-Losses-Overtime Losses with an impressive 24-10-2, Georgiev's stellar performance has earned him a well-deserved spot among the All-Star elites.

Another All-Stars newcomer to watch is J.T. Miller, the center for the Vancouver Canucks. Despite ranking 19th on the scorer's list this season, Miller brings a fresh and dynamic energy to the ice. His potential to surprise audiences with unexpected plays and contributions makes him a player worth rooting for.


Fan favourites

Over eight days, a whopping 36 million votes were thrown into the mix in the NHL fan vote.

Thatcher Demko took the lead, racking up an impressive 1.4 M votes, with Nylander hot on his heels, securing the second spot. Cale Makar, from the Colorado Avalanche, also hit the million-vote mark.

Over his first four seasons in Boston, Jeremy Swayman also became a real hit with Bruins fans. This time around, he got over half a million votes. Swayman has this calm and positive vibe going on. Fans love how he handles the pressure and stays chill, making him a standout in their books.

Also, no one can deny that William Nylander is having a killer season this year. He's up there, tied for fifth in the league for points and rocking the eleventh spot for goals. He's also in the top 20 for all those crucial offensive stats. Other of the fans’ favourite goalies this year were Alexander Georgiev and Sergei Bobrovsky.

Other skaters that fans voted for were:  Elias Pettersson (AVS), Leon Draisaitl (EDM), Brock Boeser (TML), Morgan Rielly (TML), J.T. Miller (VAC), and Mitchell Marner (TML).


Final thoughts

Canadian NHL hockey has taken the world by storm. Moreover, hockey betting and online casino games with hockey themes are shining examples of the influence of the French-Canadian culture on online gaming.

The pillar of Canadian culture, hockey is prevalent everywhere. Players, bettors and fans are all waiting with bated breath for the All-Stars show next month.

The NHL All-Stars game is getting closer and closer. But when the puck finally hits the ice, will you be ready for the clash? Who is your favourite? Let us know your thoughts, predictions, hopes and cheers. The comments section is all yours!



The NHL All-Star Game is much more than just a hockey game. It’s an opportunity to discuss All-Stars rules, make predictions, place bets and, most importantly, have fun! This year’s All-Stars Weekend, fans will see it all: talent, skill, camaraderie, celebrities, and a cheers-worthy action.

Even though part of the mystery surrounding the selection of NHL All-Stars remains, we exposed the talent, stamina and stats needed for an NHL player to rise to All-Stars status through our player examples.

The NHL world is unpredictable, so watch for new developments and announcements as we approach Toronto's All-Stars field hockey spectacle. You don’t want to miss any important updates on this beautiful game.

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