Top AFL teams in 2023

There is no denying that football is the most popular sport in the world with many leagues and competitions dedicated to the game.

The AFL which stands for the Australian Football League is one competition that is extremely popular and has been around since 1896.

As we are now past the halfway mark of the 2023 season, many games have already been played with teams hoping to be able to secure victory.

As the AFL is extremely competitive, it is worth taking a look at the top AFL teams in 2023 to see which ones are most likely to win.

The details 

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One team that is performing notably well is the Port Adelaide football club and this season it is the club's 27th season in the Australian Football League. 

Under the leadership of Ken Hinkley acting as their coach, the team has already beaten records as in one game it was the first time Port has kicked over 145 points since 2017 and falls just short of the club's highest-ever score at Adelaide Oval, the 159 kicked against the Brisbane Lions in 2016.

The team’s captain is Tom Jonas who is now stepping in for a fifth season hoping to lead the team to victory.

Having already played 14 games, winning 12 and losing only 2 of them, there are still plenty of rounds left to see how they perform.

Furthermore, Collingwood is another team that is following Port Adelaide in the AFL leaderboard.

With Darcy Moore acting as the AFL captain for 2023, following in the footsteps of Scott Pendlebury, the team has already been successful.

This is partially due to the fact that this year they are taller, healthier and more settled allowing them to focus on beating their opponents. 

In terms of investment, the Collingwood Magpies brand is one of the most valuable assets in Australian sport and it is regarded to be the biggest powerhouse in the AFL.

Currently, they have played 13 games, winning 11 and losing 2 meaning they have a solid chance of making it to the finals.

Another team that is in receipt of good reviews is Melbourne who have played 13 games at this stage, winning 9 games and losing 4.

While their defence held strong, and their midfield remained impressive, it should be interesting to see how their forward line will be.

Moreover, Brisbane has won and lost the same number of games as Melbourne at this stage. Last year, Brisbane who had entered the finals run came to an end against the Cats, suffering a 71-point defeat in the First Preliminary Final that abruptly ended their 2022 season. 

In this season, Brisbane has replenished their squad with a whole host of star signings in the off-season such as midfielder Josh Dunkley, tall forward Jack Gunston and father-son draftee Will Ashcroft.

On top of this, the team will be supported by Fagan who signed up for a two-year contract extension to keep him at the club until 2025.

The team will need to keep up their attacking from defence abilities if they should be in for the chance of winning under the guidance of captain Harris Andrews.

There’s more

We also shouldn’t underestimate other teams such as Sydney and St Kilda who could still be in for the chance of winning.

St Kilda has been noted for their ability to move the ball from one end of the ground to the other in a way that is better than any other team since 2009.

Their stats are certainly reflecting this as they out of the 14 games they have played, they have won 8 and lost 6. Sydney also has experienced a tremendous overhaul in their team with many improvements being made thanks to players such as Chad Warner and Errol Gulden. 

Things should look upward for the team with Logan McDonaldon forward, while the McCartin brothers will take up the defence.

However, they will definitely need to bring their scores up as out of the 13 matches they have played, they have won 5 and lost 8.

Ultimately, the AFL is more competitive than ever with many people thinking that there will be a battle between teams such as Port Adelaide, Collingwood and Melbourne.

With this season running from 16th March until 30th September featuring 18 clubs, it should be the longest in league history having AFL fans sitting on the edge of their seats.

If you are interested in the AFL, why not make the experience even more exciting by betting on it as there are still plenty of rounds for you to do so?

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