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Zhou Guanyu forced to pit lane start due to bizarre front-wing damage in Australia

Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, Zhou Guanyu, representing Stake F1, faces a challenging start from the pit-lane due to unforeseen damage to his front-wing.

The setback arises from vibrations encountered while navigating the demanding Albert Park Circuit, specifically at the notorious Turn 10 kerb, a notorious trouble spot for many drivers throughout the weekend.

The mishap occurred during a qualifying session that left Zhou disappointedly positioned at P19 on the grid. However, the real shock came when Zhou realized the extent of the damage only upon locking up during his lap, prompting a subsequent investigation revealed by the replays on television.

Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events, Zhou expressed his frustration, stating, "I didn't make a mistake on my lap. I was just driving like every single lap I did. 

"I got to the last sector and suddenly I'm locking up, missing the [the apex]. When I crossed the finish line, I saw the left-hand side was missing."

The critical issue for Zhou and Stake F1 is the unavailability of a spare front-wing matching the current specifications, leaving the team with no choice but to opt for a pit-lane start. 

Despite the setback, Zhou remains optimistic, acknowledging that even without the wing damage, he would have faced a challenging race from the back of the grid.

The Australian Grand Prix promises to be a thrilling spectacle for Formula 1 fans worldwide, with drivers set to tackle the 5.278km Albert Park semi-street circuit renowned for its unforgiving bumps and dynamic grip levels. 

As anticipation builds for the third race of the F1 season, eyes will be on Zhou Guanyu as he aims to overcome adversity and make his mark on the circuit.

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